Pluto conjunct Vertex for 2022 Solar Return. Should I be worried?

Vertex is a point that moves around the zodiac just about 24 hours exactly, you're just checking at the same time.


My natal Vertex is at 28 ° 13 Capricorn.

Transit Pluto will be hovering over 28° Capricorn from March - June of 2022.

Thus Pluto will be transiting over my natal Vertex next year and in my solar return for next year, which is very important.


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There's no point in worrying, but pay attention to new relationships or events that begin at this time. You may meet a Plutonian sort of person who has a big impact on your life. (This could be any type of relationship.)

If you are interested in occult matters, or life-and-death experiences, you may find a window into another dimension that highlights these interest for you.