Pluto conjunct U,K Sun 10 degrees Capricorn


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I think that the west's world superiority is coming to an inevitable end.All empires eventually end and are replaced by a new world leader.The new one in this case is likely to be China.People with wealth around the world who want to hold onto it will inevitably put their money into the best bet for a return on their investment,and this is China at the moment followed by all the other B,R,I,C,S countries.The UK lost its world dominance a long time ago to America,Now Americas time has come to relinquish its power.Witness the end of the space shuttle programme the other day.This is a sign that the USA cannot afford such luxuries any more and it is expected that in future Russia will deliver US astronauts to the space station.Also all the revolutions in the middle East and surrounding areas with the so called 'Arab spring' shows how the US is loosing its control of the region through such methods as previously propping up people like President Mubarak in Egypt.
Pluto transiting Capricorn is the main instigator of this process(though Uranus also has a major part in this process),It will bring down the EU first as it conjuncts the EU sun and the UK sun as well(approximately 10 degrees cap),Then because the US sun is opposite in cancer and at 13:19 cancer there will be a delay before the USA moves into a lower league as it is opposed by Pluto.
I would expect a major stage in the shift in power during August as Mars moves into cancer and forms the grand cross with Saturn,Uranus and Pluto,All the signs at the moment show the EU,UK and US economies at breaking point.A new world power structure is in process ,it will take many years to settle down,but we are presently seeing a major stage in the process.

I wouldn't necessarily disagree with your conclusions, I would just say they are premature.

Your current base chart is the Grand Conjunction 2000.

For those who want to use that chart, you'll need to relocate the chart to your principal city (which may not be the capital city), but here it is:


You'll notice Jupiter rules the 7th House and is prominent on the MC conjunct Saturn. Taurus is the 9th Sign, not the 10th Sign and that shows the power region to be in what is actually the 9th House (of Things Foreign) and of course the 7th House is Foreign Powers and Foreign Partnerships.

The shift you speak of won't take place until after the Great Mutation into Air in 2020 which is this chart:


Mercifully for the US, the Chart Ruler here is Peregrine Sun (and not Peregrine Venus), but that's only true for the US (and I think for O Canada! as well). For the United Kingdom, the Chart Ruler will be Saturn.

Your Aries Ingress Charts (and other Ingress Charts plus Lunations) are read against this Chart just as you'd read transits against Natal, or Profections or Solar Returns against Natal.


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Yes Bob,I agree the way I phrased that last Message I appear to be suggesting that the process of power transference will take place very soon,I think its really going to be a slow process, I sure hope so because if it is not there would be chaos and the markets would collapse and the repercussions world wide would be terrible.I think that the coming month will show a significant stage in the process though,and your hopefully right that it wont really start to begin substantially until after 2020.As I am unfamiliar with your method of prediction I can only hope you are right,I will attempt to understand your methodology meanwhile and hopefully you can elucidate more detail.
Previously you appear to have very little support for 'modern'? astrological methods that involve the use of the outer planets,So I assume that your method is not dependent on their usage?
My feelings are that the present situation with the US likely to increase its borrowing limit past 14 trillion dollars after 2nd of august suggests to me that the country is only delaying and increasing the problems it will face eventually,Its hard to gauge when the market will lose faith with this situation,it could be a few more years yet,Then again if the republicans have their way and have cuts to public services instead of more borrowing (not very likely) then the market is likely to have more support for the US economy for a longer time.
We shall see.


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So I assume that your method is not dependent on their usage?

Don't need them. For the Great Mutation, Britain will have Saturn conjunct Aquarius Descendant as Chart Ruler. Saturn is also in his own Term. His only problem is that he is Occidental and conjunct a Peregrine Occidental Jupiter (they are Planetary Friends) that Saturn receives by Sign and Term. So Saturn has good strength and is not impeded or harmed in any way.

What I see is UK becoming more prominent and taking a greater and more active role in World Affairs.

That might be due in part to the decline of the US as it moves to 2nd World Country status (sort of like a ritzy glitzy glamorous Poland or Belarus).

I'll have to actually delineate the chart and look at some of the UK Ingresses, but it's way too early for that. There's a lot of things going on in the next 5 years.

My feelings are that the present situation with the US likely to increase its borrowing limit past 14 trillion dollars after 2nd of august suggests to me that the country is only delaying and increasing the problems it will face eventually,

The US is currently on the slow slide to recession. As I predicted the false 1st Quarter GDP estimates were revised from 1.9% to 0.4%.

The 2nd Quarter GDP estimate released today is 1.3% and below the predicted 1.8%. About 3-6 months from now that will be revised downward as well. Payroll declined in the 2d Quarter so there's no possible way for the GDP to be 1.3%. I believe Social Security got enough from the 2nd Quarter to pay out benefits now, but Social Security will be in the red for the 4th Quarter as it tries to pay out benefits.

The debt-ceiling issue is immaterial. The US will enter another recession that will lead to a depression regardless, although not raising the debt ceiling will cause it to accelerate. Either way, the end result is the same.


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Guess where Syria's natal Sun is in the French transfer of power of January 1st 1944?
9:22 Capricorn square Neptune 4:14 Libra.
Its getting very violent there in the last few days.


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If you employ 00.00 time for Syria?,this gives Libra Asc,the same as US and UK EEC charts.
Transiting Saturn in Libra.

Grand Lodge/US charts. Sun in Cancer.
Mercury in Cancer
Venus in Cancer
Mars in Gem/ Sag
Jupiter in Cancer
Saturn in Libra

J. :)
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It looks to me that these various issues will have a peak during this month,Then because Pluto and Uranus are retro for a while and Saturn will be moving out of the equation, that the next time this combination of planets will really put the pressure on 10 degrees Capricorn will be June , July next year when various planets will add to the pressure on the angles,Especially Mars.whilst Pluto and Uranus will be at approximately 9 degrees on average.


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I hope this transit brings the UK Governments past and present nuclear legislation into the spotlight.
A few whistle blowers perhaps?

J. :)


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I think the main reason why so many things happened today was because the moon entered Libra and is closing on Saturn,Making the grand cross more active.
Mars is also in the equation today as well.


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Capricorn/10th house check list for recent events by category in 'News of the World' phone hacking scandal

1. The president or chief executive:
Rupert Murdoch.
2. The political party in power:
Accusations of both labour and conservative parties being influenced by Murdochs agenda.
3. Famous people:
The majority of people who had their phones hacked were famous.
4. National power:
The power behind the throne of media magnates.
5. Law and Order:
Police involved in taking bribes and being corrupt.
6. The CEO,The status of the organisation:
Murdoch and his corrupt organisation.
7. Bankruptcy:
'News Corp International' facing severe drops in shares value,Murdoch Closes News of the World' Newspaper to stop the scandal getting out of control.

Any more Ideas?