PLUTO CONJUNCT SATURN TRANSIT 12th house-Scared of what is to come!


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Hi everyone,

Starting in February 2011 - I will be experiencing transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn in my 12th house

I was just wondering if anyone had went through this particular transit before?

From what I have read and heard so far, Pluto transits are a time when everything that you once knew in your life comes crashing down and you are forced to rebuild the very foundation of your life. It can be challenging and a confusing time to say the least.

I am thinking because it is affecting Saturn which is in my 12th house I will experience emotional problems that I have kept hidden for a long time.

Also I am expecting that it will be a challenging time because the 12th house is also known for hidden enemies so people may not be very receptive towards me either.

I guess my main question is how exactly will this transit affect me if it is going through my 12th house?

and on a side note- because this is a generational transit that does not affect an inner planet such as the sun or moon- will this lessen the effect of the transit?

Thank you for any guidance, it is very much appreciated :)

Chart 1: Natal Chart
Chart 2: Natal Chart with Transits
Chart 3: Natal Chart with Progressions


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we are all visual people and need to see charts pls?

Transiting Pluto conjunct your natal Saturn. Traditions, responsibilities and regulations are going through a period of revision. Security is often a major concern because the limitations that were in place no longer apply. You may feel vulnerable, find yourself preoccupied with morbidity and death or you may have to deal with corruption on some level. The old solutions to problems don't work any more and you have to find new ways to overcome limitations. This is often an austere period.

I really wouldn't worry to much about this transit as it's a *cadent* house and very much weakened in its expression.


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Pluto will be conjuncting my Saturn, too, in the 1st, @ 7 degrees Capricorn. It already passed over my Moon/Asc @ 28 degrees Sag and Uranus at 1 degree Capricorn during the past few years. Both coincided with life changing experiences. I'm actually rather looking forward to what the Pluto/Saturn conjunction will bring.

Each pluto experience seems to alter my life to match who I really am more closely. It breaks down the structures that are not working, especially those that are based on old childhood fears and issues, and it forces me to see the roots of my mistakes and begin a newer, more authentic path.

I'd suppose that in the 12th house, the Pluto transit will focus on more psychological issues than physical ones. My 12th house Pluto transit forced me to confront an eating disorder, self-harm, depression, escapism, in my teens. Then I developed a drug problem. When Pluto passed over my Asc and conjuncted Uranus 3 degrees into my 1st house, my boyfriend abruptly left me without telling me why, leading me to go to his house and find him with another girl, where he called the police to have me removed from his property. This was about 10 days before he was to deploy to Iraq; we had had plans to move in together after this final deployment. All my hopes of the future were crushed- he had been my everything. The problem was I had nothing for myself, I was living in a dream world. Pluto made me see that. I went home to nothing and fell into a deep dark depression, a hopeless, miserable, suicidal period. When I emerged, I had found the strength within myself to stop doing drugs and build a life that was for myself. There is no doubt I am a completely different person than before. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
It's hard to say exactly what will happen to you, Pluto is really individual to each person's psyche, I think. Post your birth chart, look at the aspects made to Saturn for clues.
Hope this helped.



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Yes natal chart with transits and progressions please.
No need to panic unnecessarily or take note of the dire scenarios being quoted here.



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Hi everyone,

I apologize for taking so long to respond- hopefully you still get a chance to read my post :)

astrologer50- Thanks for pointing out that it is in a cadent house so it is not as strong, makes me feel a little less worried now :) I suppose if it was in the 4th 7th or 10th house it may be a different story. My transit starts in February, but I am starting to feel depressed (something I have dealt with in the past) but now it's back. That description you provided seemed dead on- thanks !

Jamie- I really enjoyed reading your post-because it helps when people provide real life examples. Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with your ex bf and your drug problem. But that is good that now you rebuilt your life and got rid of all the negative influences and people in your life. Its true- during the hard and challenging times in our lives that we really are forced to take a look at what's working and what's not. I guess that is pluto's job- to make us deal with the issues we choose to sweep under the rug.

Also- i think your pluto transit through the 1st will be more noticable than mine in the 12th. Or maybe yours has to do with your public image because it is in the first? Hopefully we both make it through in tact :)

What is your t-square in your natal chart? I have a tsquare too involving venus.

Claire- I have posted my charts now- It does help I guess to have a look at the big picture.

The reason I am so worried is because I am experiencing so many challenging transits at the same time, I don't know if i can handle another one . The most recent one started at the end of December- Saturn conjuct Ascendent. My relationships fell apart, friends left, I experienced the worst depression i've ever had around christmas time. I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence or because of this transit?

I would rather be prepared for the next challenge :happy: Also I read an article on about this transit and the author said she wanted to commit suicide and it was the worst period of her life its all a little frightening to me .

Thank you for any guidance :happy:


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astrology02- I'm glad you liked reading it I was worried I'd been too graphic, but it's the truth after all, and the truth isn't always pretty.

I guess it helps to remind ourselves this is a generational transit and all us 1989 kids will be undergoing it. I've been trying to read about Saturn in the 1st house to see how it expresses itself in my life. I think it might involve something about the pressure I put on myself, or restriction in relationships, I don't know! It's hard to tell when it's involved in a T-square!
My Saturn @ 7 degrees in Capricorn conjuncts Uranus at 1 degree and Neptune @ 10 degrees, all three are in my 1st house. Neptune and Saturn square my Sun and Mars in Libra in the 9th house at 13 and 11 degrees, and oppose Jupiter @ 10 degrees and Chiron @ 16 degrees in Cancer in my 7th house. Uranus is on my Ascendant/Moon and narrowly squares my Mars and opposes Jupiter but the orb is too wide for my Sun. I posted it for you.
You do have a kite in your chart! which should help relieve some tension.
I've been having some hard transits too, with Saturn in Libra, just passed over my Sun/Mars and will be turning retrograde and going back over it. However because Saturn is exalted in Libra and it's squaring natal Saturn in Capricorn (ruler) and natal Jupiter in Cancer (exalted), there's been a lot of change through hard work but nothing devastating.

I'll write more later, gotta run to work, glad to hear from you =)


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Hi there. I’m about to have Pluto conjunct my 12th house Capricorn Saturn and have been reading generalised interpretations but this is the only post I’ve found about it specifically being in the 12th house. I know you posted this way back in 2011 but I was hoping for an update re how your Pluto/Saturn 12th house transit played out?! Many thanks


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Hi there. I’m about to have Pluto conjunct my 12th house Capricorn Saturn and have been reading generalised interpretations but this is the only post I’ve found about it specifically being in the 12th house. I know you posted this way back in 2011 but I was hoping for an update re how your Pluto/Saturn 12th house transit played out?! Many thanks
12th house is the Joy of Saturn :smile: