Pluto conjunct Descendant experience thread


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Thanks for a very nice description of this transit, pretty much spot on for me.

pluto conj DC has been hell for me. Had this transit 2016 through 2018'ish. ANd currently I have saturn on my DC, to top it all ;)

My asc is in cancer, and I recognize what you say that capricorn on DC -people prefer to be the softy, and lean on the partner. Well, my husband transformed from being my rock to acting like an 18 year old for a couple of years (he had Pluto conj moon). He partied, spent most of his time outside the house, turned off his phone, pretty much abandoned me and shut me out. I was devastated and scared all the time, lot of pain. But eventually I ended up acknowledging that I can manage on my own. And after having held on to him and the past, I let go. And said maybe we should separate because your behavior makes me ill. Then, eventually, he woke up.

So it was a period of massive personal growth to me. Seeing me for myself, without him. But then he came to himself and regretted badly how he had been treating me. And we are still working to sort things out between us. BUT: now Saturn across my DC is forcing me to do relationship spring cleaning, and all of a sudden I see all his flaws so clearly, which is kind of blocking a warm reconciliation.. I seriously have to consider if his downsides is bearable to me in the long run. Previously I saw everything through pink lenses, saturn has really sobered up my view on it all :/

The good thing, which I doubted when reading it a couple of yrs back, is that Pluto transits DO make you transform and grow. I am more confident, less anxious, no longer afraid to end up alone, more....grown in several respects. But it was painful, oh indeed. I have never been closer to rock bottom in my entire adult life than I was when Pluto entered my DC...

was it worth it? Well, the end result (in terms of self-confidence) is better then the previous version. But the pain.. it was like being shattered and stepped upon, time and time again. So happy that this transit will never come near my DC again! :joyful:

Wow, what a roller coaster ride, I can only imagine that strangling feeling of losing someone you love.You dealt with your situation very well, boundaries were set and you stood your ground. You definetely passed the God's test.

In my case, I was not that mature, I was the obssessive one and I would let my guard down and he did things that were hurtful... But one thing I noticed after... I blamed myself for being reasonable. I was not obsessive, I was being disrespected, but as afflicted cancerian ascendant, I let him take my power... So he was blaming me, humiliating me, manipulating me, stalking me, gasgalighting, harassing me so on. We broke up and this last pluto hit with a direct pluto, MANY stalking abusive exes are persisting to communicate and emotional blackmail. I am standing my ground, but I still have fear. They seem dangerous.