Pluto Conj Galatic Centre


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Hi Crew,

As we all know , on the 28 oct 2007 , Pluto will once again meet the galatic centre @ 26 Sagg 57. Situation is that also on thisa day at the exact time, i will be arriving in Egypt for a holiday.
I have included my natal chart if any one is helpful enough to give me some assistance in interpreting this aspect, maybe even pointing out some other aspects :)



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Transiting Pluto will not make any aspects to your natal planets at that time. That should cause you no problems. tr. Mercury retrograde will be in your natal 9th house of travel. This might cause some minor delays. However, tr. Mer. also has some receptions with Sat. Exalt. and Venus Rulership. This should give you a pleasant journey.


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This occured at my Neptune+Mars conjunction in H10 within 2-3 deg. orb., that are also sextiling my Sun+Venus+Saturn+Pluto conjunction in H8.

And my feeling up to this moment?

POWER OVERWHELMING!!!!!!! :D :sunny::banana:

P.S. But this week it's so hard to sleep, might be that grand trine of transit Mars (in my H4), transit Mercury (in my H8) and my ascendant. :eek:


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Jesus was born on April 2, @ 5:23 pm 0003 A.D. near Bethlehem Isrl. [use the Astrodienst computer for this, it is by Gregorian calendar and that is what Astrodienst uses] then do a progressed bith chart and look at the Mid-Haven. You can do a composite and/or a progressedcomposite with this chart to find out what you have in your lifes mission by reading the chart axis throught the Sabian symbls and don't forget the Part of Fortune [always use the Day formula]. contact me if you want further info. I've a book due out this winter on the subject. Blessings, piercethevale.


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A further clarification. The current Mid-Haven for Yeshuas' progreesd birth chart is 26* 30' give or take a few minutes, Sagit. Thus this celestial event is in accord with the "WHY" of Yeshuas incarnation on Earth. The Chart axis Sabian Symbol interpretation, as proposed by Rudhyar, being utilized here. Do a composite and a progressed composite with the Yeshua data and compare with your natural birth chart axis interp. and you'll see what I mean. ;) You should get ne axis symbols of a similar tenor to those of your birth chart, but kicked up a notch spiritually. May god bless you in your striving for knowledge. piercethevale. :taurus: