Pluto and Saturn transit conjunction in my 7th house (2020)

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hey there! i'd like some help with this transit. i've just noticed that there'll be a Pluto/Saturn conjunction somewhere 2020, and they will affect me in my 7th house. I have read that these placements alone are terrible for weak or new relationships, but great for learning. but here's the thing: i'm not in a relationship, and i've never been in a serious one (probably because my messed up venus/chiron opposite saturn/uranus). and now that i'm living my saturn return, a nice and warm relationship for my cancer heart seems quite impossible.

what i'd like to know is: what could i expect from this pluto/saturn conjunction in my 7th house? is it just another failure in friendships and romantic relationships? could someone give me a hint?
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Blue Lioness

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oh, here's my chart



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