Pluto and ocd


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I would have to say that Pluto does increase tendency to be obsessive and overly focused on certain things, but to predispose someone for OCD... (and I say predispose because no planetary placement causes a mental disorder)... yes, it could do that when connected to a person's Moon, and less so - Mercury. Mercury is our rational mind, Moon is our subconscious undercurrents - and those are the ones that drive OCD. A tense relationship between Moon and Mercury can also be an instigator - there is a conflict between the part of a person that *needs* to do something, and the rational part that knows that these rituals are useless.
In the case of Pluto, if it is angular it will tend to produce more intense influence on a person's life, so this also needs to be taken into consideration. Pluto in the 6th or 12th also.