Pluto and Mars. Where are these people?


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Here is an interesting side of humanity no one really speaks of.

The gladiators of old are still here, the same energy.

It has been said this was on the rise, it has been kept underground, death happens.

There are also huge transformations too like Mr Happy (James Lambert).

It's not easy to find this sort of thing, you have to be of this character to seek it, it is a world upon it's self.

James Lambert is truly brave and became the man he was meant to be.
Made me truly emotional as a Moon opposite Pluto and him setting a great example. I cried to this happily. It's easier to blame, it's easier to stick to the beaten path. Easy is only one aspect of life... Easy means dead, death is easy.

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Pluto conjunct Mars in Scorpio here.

What you have linked, is it really Pluto and Mars?
I can see the picture shown with James Lambert as the transformation is something he himself wants. I am not sure myself if that is Mars, I guess you could call the violent outlet as a Mars archetype thing to do. There are plenty of violent people with no Mars aspects to Pluto for example who have also come to terms with the need to change.
It is possible the timing was a transit between Pluto too so I am not all that clear on what is being shown here.. so eh..

I think people misunderstand this concept that if the person wants change, then change will happen, if there is no reason to change, why change?