Pluto and Generations


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I was wondering: does Pluto's revolutions in the zodiac is synchronised roughly with generations? Could that explain Gen X's aggressiveness or such things?


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I hope I understood your question correctly....

From what I do understand about this issue is that very large groups of souls will reincarnate together as 'generations' to deal with specific energies individually and collectively and this is usually karmic work.

My parents are the generation of Pluto in Cancer group and I'm from the generation of Pluto in Leo group. My son is the Pluto in Virgo group and on and on it goes.

If you can pull back far enough from this picture you can start to see these great Plutonian Themes that were and are being played out by these different groups of people throughtout the decades. Each group has its particular focus and work to do and the next group comes in and builds, improves upon it hopefully......

I'm just old enough and out of touch with the main stream that I don't know who 'Gen X' is! What age group is this and where's Pluto in these peoples natals? Is it Pluto in Libra? Geeawd I'm getting old!

See us Pluto in Leo people were the original 'Hippies' the drama Kings and Queens of that time :lol: . We were the cosmic gambling actors, the group who tried to manifest that Leo Love stuff and creativity amoungst other a few things.


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The ones labeled Gen X ( are the rebellious generation, who were caracterised by the song "smells like teen spirit"... Angst, rebellious mind, unconstructive...
1965-1981? There are many possible dates, I was hoping pluto would help us on that ;)

I had also another theory I would like to debate... since we're speaking about Karma... Could this be possible that the divorce rate is there only so we could have bigger (reconstituated? I don't know the exact word) families. Souls wanted to reunite with their previous life family members, and divorce is the only way that can be done! :p Just another funny theory, it just popped in my head.

Thanks for your reply! It would be interesting if you could follow your ideas, it is very interesting... what kind of generations await us?
Hmm..I'm 25yrs old (born in 1980) So I have Pluto in Libra... I have yet to get what my generation is about fully.. Granted it seems we are the rebelious group... parts of us aren't what we once were..Looking at my age group most of us are trying to make the family unit more stable and giving our kids of course what we didn't have! but who doesn't want to give there future more.. and be what our parents weren't.

Eklipse.. I do like your thoughts on the divorce though... that is very interesting and honestly I wouldn't doubt it!


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I'm with Cancermoon on this.

I also have Pluto in Libra, in this aspect I feel my fight for harmony in a global level is greatest and powered, always constantly trying to make things better and fair. We hate to see unfair things and WE DO have a lot of spiritual strenght to bring justice, this might be the rebelious stroke. Fight against the unfair ;)


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Hi there

See us Pluto in Leo people were the original 'Hippies' the drama Kings and Queens of that time . We were the cosmic gambling actors, the group who tried to manifest that Leo Love stuff and creativity amoungst other a few things.

I also have Pluto in Libra, ................... We hate to see unfair things and WE DO have a lot of spiritual strenght to bring justice, this might be the rebelious stroke. Fight against the unfair

And in between there's Pluto in Virgo! Did we improve things or did we make a right old mess of the world? I wonder? :?:



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Hi, it looks like you're having an easier time 'logging in' now? I hope so that must have been a pain. Sorry I complained about it, didn't know you were having difficulties.

Each generation of incarnating souls carefully chooses their individual Natal placements prior, so that they can 'work on' and develope specific things in each life. Large groups of souls all incarnating within the time that (in this case) Pluto is in the same Sign, will all be dealing with the same energy. Both individually and as a large planetary group of souls.

Waterbearer50 and I have talked about our generation with Pluto in Leo and how we, as a group of souls, needed to learn how to remain in our Hearts in this incarnation. Now I'd guess that the next generation with Pluto in Virgo (your generation) needed to learn how to take spiritual inventory and then clean up the invisible mess! And again I'd guess that the generation with Pluto in Libra is learning about and dealing with the fine art of both internally and externally balancing out all that needs refining and equalizing.

And on and on it goes with massive numbers of souls specializing in each incarnation like grades in school, slowly changing, transmuting, and evolving around the zodiac.


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Hi Lapis

The loggging in seems to work at home, but not in work. Must be all the gizmos they have on the system!! I never know it hasn't worked until I've posted - it doesn't show up until then. Sorry to be a pain.

Thank you for your explanation on Pluto following through the signs. I had read about soul evolution through the signs but never fully understood it. You have just switched on a whole lot of lightbulbs :idea: :idea: :idea: and fired some synapses. Thank you. Further proving the point, I get confused not with whats written, but the actual words used! Most of the time, dumbing down doesn't work for people, you just need to change the language used. You made it practical, or if not exactly practical, then words I can relate to. This definately isn't one of thaose rare moments when the words flow freely! I hope you can understand it!

Another synchronicity point - for the last few weeks, I've been wearing a lapis crystal to improve communication skills, then Lapis explains things in words I understand. Working both ways?

Take care



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That was THE best compliment I've gotten! It means a lot to me, thanks. My Capricorn wants to talk about the things at the top of the mountain and beyond, but I want to be able to do it in an earthy everyday sort of way that everyone can relate to. You made my day saying that! Bless you.

Karma......its gotta be karma I tell ya! That's why you can't log in correctly while........... at work! The great gods of employers world-wide must have secret hidden equipment that makes it extra difficult to do anything other than their work!!! :lol: Oh that was funny, don't get caught but come back soon. :mrgreen:


Pluto/ Generation X personally I would not say Pluto is the cause of that.
My reason being , there are many generation X people who are not violent this generation begins after the baby boomers putting some of the fifties and sixties generation of people into this group.
First ,there are several transpersonal planets that represent the generations as well and in respect to mundane astrology the great conjunctions would have to be considered generational too.
Pluto is never really a transitor when judging it except under rare circumstances being-1 degree of a conjunction, square ,or opposition,
point of ingress, -a major conjunction , eclipse.

When it transits the natal chart its influence is one of reorganisation whereever it happens to aspect in a particular natal chart.
Pluto cycle spends between 12 - 30 years in one sign.
It is felt on the collective conscious -unconscious level.
However many writers say that it is noticable in generations and societies more so than in individuals however things are changing as the generations and decades go by each generations becomes atttuned to the transpersonal planets on a personal level according to societies and nations.


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Just a few thoughts to add on this interesting thread...

One of my instincts says that each Pluto generation, whether it fits chronologically with the definition of a generation (a little over one Saturn cycle) or not, usually does not figure out who it is until at least half of that generation has gone through its first Saturn returns and has the ability to see themselves in society and society within themselves. There is a maturity factor here that unlocks the unconscious operation of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because one is ready to start looking consciously at their connection to the cosmos, whether it is globally (Uranus), trans-time and trans-space (Neptune) and the unknown (Pluto). Humans might be at their physical prowess at 18 or 19 (or at least we'd like to think so :D ), but there is still a lot of childhood in them. At the first Saturn return we are forced to face our own mortality and admit that we have a finite measure of time to do the incarnational work we are supposed to be doing. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto then can step in at a more conscious level and do their work more openly because they are the planets that allow us to explore beyond societal and familial conventions.

This being said, I do believe that there are some members of the Pluto in Leo generation who have managed to put off the lessons of their first Saturn return until their second Saturn return. Here in the US, I think this is why you overtly see the emphasis on the "culture of being young" so much. The Pluto in Leo generation here in the States blew up all the shots, the operations, the maskings of age into a multi-billion dollar business and made it be a crime to look ones age.

For the members in the US: think of the 50 year old grandmother with the Bowflex body and you will see what I mean—BTW, did they use Botox on the wrinkles on her face and dyed her hair so she wouldn't look 50? ;)

Now I am not saying that the Pluto in Leo generation hasn't done this in other cultural settings because it probably has. It just might not be so "in your face" as it is here in the States. Part of that is because the US is still, I believe, in its late adolescence stage of development. The US psyche still believes that old teenage adage that "I know everything and I will never die." That, combined with Pluto in Leo, can be a dangerous combination, as we have seen in the last five years.

My high school class of 1976 had the last Pluto retrograde foray into Leo. So although I am a Pluto in Virgo generation person, I do see the schizophrenia that two year switchover can cause between the generations. Now each and every generation has its own form of rebellion and "anti-society" behavoir because that is part of the separation and individuation process of the person from the family to become an adult. Sometimes one does not realize the rebellion until some time has elapsed (and most of the generation has gone through the first Saturn return).

I think the biggest rebellers may be found in that group of the sign transition period because they really don't know if they are coming or going, so to speak. For myself, I know there are times that I exhibit Pluto in Virgo traits and sometimes I exhibit Pluto in Leo traits because I was socialized with both during high school. So I can alternately be amused (Pluto in Leo) and repulsed (Pluto in Virgo) by the antics of my age group.

This does not mean that there aren't other rebellers throughout each sign because there are. I just think they are quieter about the rebellion than the ones of the sign transition period.

What interests me is if the sign transition period expands dependent on how long Pluto remains in a sign. For the Leo through Scorpio generations I think the sign transition period averages about two years because Pluto stays in them the shortest amount of time. Sort of a Campbell's condensed cream of generation soup. As Pluto's orbit moves further away from the earth, the time spent in a sign lengthens to the point of being about a true generation or, to keep the analogy going, a pot of homemade soup. As Pluto gradually lengthens it stay in a sign, we may see things move at a slower pace, and the transition periods between signs maybe going to three or four years. I am only guessing on this.

The Campbell's condensed cream of generation soup gang wants everything fast-faster-fastest because they may fear "death" (i.e. change) the most. I think this is an artifact of the unconscious realization that generational time has been squeezed into a abnormal timeframe for human life. This is why the birth of the youth culture as we know it in the US may have happened in the way it did with the Pluto in Leo generation.

My 2¢ worth. Take what fits and ditch the rest.

Summery Joy

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Cancermoon said:
Looking at my age group most of us are trying to make the family unit more stable and giving our kids of course what we didn't have! but who doesn't want to give there future more.. and be what our parents weren't.

I agree. I have Pluto in Libra as well. Our generation seems to believe more in pairing up in meaningful relationships than fying freely between one fling and the other. I do not understand what makes previous generaations think that we are rebelious even after being accused of the same thing by the generation before them! Maybe because a lot of us have Uranus in Scoprio, making them (me among them) "intensly rebelious"?

I think that every generation is considered rebelious by the previous one simply because the way they rebel is different. I mean, come on. Everyone has Uranus and Aquarius in their charts. I guess generations simply do not have affinity to each other's rebelious sense because Uranus has a different colour in every generation. That's my theory.


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That was another great post Elianah, thanks for the many insights.

I remember reading that many Astrologers don't consider a person an official "ADULT" until age 30 after that first Saturn Return, and not at 21 like our society does. I couldn't agree more with this. It's like you just don't have all the different colored Crayons to create with here in physical reality until Saturn travels through all 12 of the Signs! The 12 Labors and all that......You've barely anchored into the current incarnation and realized that there is some big important reasons for even being here until age 30 or so. Then again, we've all known people of ALL ages who do everything in their power to avoid Saturn like the plague!!! No matter what the cost. :oops:

I know that these major life transits - Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return - are truly spiritual activation points for humanity. They're like 'timed released capsules' or as I call them, Initiations into greater aspects of ourselves. But, just because they're there dosen't mean that everyone does the necessary transformational work that each of these major transits offers! Sadly not at all and there's nothing more unattractive than a middle aged + person who's only about 12 or 13 on the inside..... :|

I too feel that what Elianah said about many of the Pluto in Leo generation people dodging their first Saturn Returns are going to get clobbered in a big way at their second Saturn Returns! Many I feel will be leaving the planet at that time for different reasons. What will appear to be sudden heart attacks (Leo) will assist many of these souls out of this realm. Many will still not want to deal with their personal Saturnian issues and karmas (from this life and the ancient Atlantian/Egyptian Age of Leo where so many died young) and will exit instead of transmute. No blame or mistakes are made from the point of view of our Higher Selves however. None.

Again I agree with what Elianah said about there being this insane obsession in the USA with 'youth' and not aging etc. Peter Pan gone mad! Ya gotta wonder why??? from different angles I feel to find some truths. Remember that old saying......."Wisdom comes with age" ? Hummmmm Saturn/wisdom/age/time ........NO NO lets stay 25 forever! Who needs wisdom anyway they scream!

It seems to me that there's this massive re-grouping going on now (and has been for awhile) with the masses no matter where Pluto is natally, or maybe I just don't understand enough yet. There's the group who's ready and willing to 'run the guantlet' and face (Saturn) all that needs to be faced now and transmute.......and the group that isn't. Again no blame, its just the way it is. I also think that the transits of 2006 will push this whole issue hard globally.

I fear I've gone slightly off track, sorry all. Its a great and important thread. Having gone through my Chiron Return I can clearly see and feel how the major life transits forever change us by expanding us into much larger aspects of our greater Selves, IF we use them and not run away from them out of fear of change. I intend to do my second Saturn Return proud. :wink:


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I have pluto at 0 Virgo so I would have to say like Elinah, feel both the Pluto Leo and Pluto Virgo vibes. I also have Neptune at 1 Scorpio so also pick up the Neptune Libra effects as well.

I grew up in L.A. and remember seeing the flower children and identifying with the idealism floating around at the time along with the rebelliosness prevenlent throughout the 60s. If I look to polarities of the signs involved, it helps round out the astrological picture for me. Pluto in Leo's polarity is Aquarius. This was the time we became aware of the Age of Aqurius through the musical Hair which was a snapshot into this period. We were a group, a generation that held the Aquarian ideals of freedom high.

Looking to Neptune's polarity in Aries - it makes me a chuckle a bit to read MidnightDeveil who put it very well in saying "we fight for harmony". It's like saying we can "win the peace". This generation faced the lesson that peace and freedom must come from within for any lasting social change. Uranus in Cancer/Leo dealing with the polarities of Aquarius and Capricorn spoke to this attempt to break the down the institutions that limited freedom. The Civil Rights movement did have some lasting effects but with freedom came responsibility - another lesson.

The Pluto Virgo, Neptune Scorpio generation aka the Me First Generation of the 70's featured sexual/drug escapism Pluto Pisces polarity along with Neptune Taurus self-help movements to find inner security and value. Uranus Virgo/Libra fed the polarity of, me, me and Pisces..more escapism.

The 80s gave us Pluto Libra's polarity of Aries emphasizing the rebuilding of our military strength culminating with the fall of communism - thus capitalism run rampant. The young republicans became fashionable as Neptune's polarity in Gemini created a new media generation fragmented into a million special interest targets. One of our favorite things to do was play the pyramid game where Gemini siblings and pals conned each other into get rich quick schemes. The bubble ultimately burst and we hopefully learned some more lessons about fiscal responsibility.

In the 90's Pluto in Scorpio obsessed with safe sex (Taurus polarity) causing a schism in values towards this area with right claiming the moral ground (no gays and no premarital) and the left protecting women's control over their own reproducitve systems (No Mr. Bush - Roe vs. Wade isn't the two choices of how to get of New Orleans). Neptune in Capricorn's polarity in Cancer put a whole new spin on "Family values" and the corresponding lesson to be learned that family is in the eye of beholder - nuclear is only one option.

So from generation to generation we have the outer planets and their polarities staging some interesting plays we participate in collectively. The question here is are we defined by these so-called generational influences - like the new financial services commercial on TV now trying to go after the hippie generation or are we part of all these influences, - cruising through these periods like a Phoenix reinventing itself at every period change? Thoughts?


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Kite and Lapis, I am so glad you are on this site! Both of your posts were great.

And I promise I will have some additional thoughts but my brain just died and I think that is my cue to go to bed. zzzzzzz.............


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The feeling is mutual. I'm going to Paris over Christmas. Wouldn't it be fun to meet in a cafe in Montmarte and while away the day discussing these issues?


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Ah...Paris in the sp...WINTER :!: :?: :lol: That would be like sitting on the Court Avenue Brewing Company's sidewalk café and freezing my buns off, not to mention terribly cold food. :D :D

Although discussing all of this on the Left Bank would be quite enjoyable. :D