Pluto and Emotional Trauma


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What about Pluto on the DSC?Is it considered as in the 7h house or in the 6th?? Being it between the 7th and the 6th I suppose its influence can result in both?
This reminds me of an amazing study group I was part of 25 yrs ago. The facilitator gave a group of advanced astrology students 12 charts. We were asked to pick out the 'cold blooded killers' from the victims, and the homicide detectives. [ In those days there was no Internet for us to run to either.

We had one full day to figure out which was which. Nobody was 100% successful. Most people were able to pick out the detectives from the other 2 groups, because they had more trines/sextiles in their luminaries and personal planets it seems, and lots of earth trines.

But it was nearly impossible to differentiate a homicidal maniac from one of his victims. The malefics in tense aspects in air signs and cardinal houses were very evident in BOTH killers and victims. It was fascinating and very telling. And it blew my mind that Gemini and Sag were so prominent, and not so much Scorpio, although a very excessive preponderance of Plutonian people in both groups.

I would imagine it would be difficult, I have found victims/killers have similar violent aspects, which you do expect, it is difficult to do. At least the detectives were picked out. I looked at some suicide charts the other week, but I don't think I prepared well, and never really kept focused. I did notice a very low emphasis on Capricorn planets. Unless it was Jupiter in Capricorn, or the odd Venus in Capricorn, but a very low number across the charts.

I did a murdered people study ages ago, with 100 charts, Scorpio was high, and it was was in my suicide study. I am sure Sagittarius was pretty high too. I just got the Jigsaw astrology research tool, but it looks complicated to run, I will have to focus on it when I am not tired, and see how it works. I might do a study for a few weeks, but set it up properly this time :biggrin:. Studies are fascinating, most are mine usually result in what is already printed in books. The Jupiter-Saturn did show up a lot for suicides. Sun-Pluto and Sun-Neptune were among the solar aspects, but my computer needed to be wiped clean and I lost the rest of the data.