Pls share your experiences with Scorpio guys. Advice on how to deal with their flaws?


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Re: Pls share your experiences with Scorpio guys. Advice on how to deal with their flaws?

Not tough enough? Pisces yes, but with Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio. Yes, it took me a bit to get rid of him but when I threatened to kill him if he didn't leave he did leave. He signed over the house to me and when he wanted joint custody of our daughter, I told his lawyer, never. I told his lawyer he can lay claim to his half of the house if he wanted to try to do that after signing it over to me. I then told him he could take his half and pay him and I would take my half and hire an excepitional lawyer in another county I knew and I told him he could pay me alimony too.
MY ex-scorpio-husband left it all alone on the advise of his lawyer and I got full custody of my daughter, my house and everything in it.
He simply taught me not to get married again. I simply taught him don't mess with me.

Jilly said:
Aahhh, Pisces eh? Not tough enough. Sorry you got hurt.:(
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Hello. I am a libra married to a scorpio. The best way to handle a scorpio is by just letting them think they rule. If the have the illusion there in control everything is great.


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Shoot, Jilly, maybe next to Taurus a Pisces is the only sign that can REALLY tough it out with a Scorpio. :tongue:

Scorpios do not bother me one bit and I've known one double scorp (sun/ moon & libra asc) for 10 years. We've dated on and off during that time and I quite like those qualities in a guy. Doesn't scare me :wink:

I think it depends more on the full charts of each individual.

But I am a Leo sun/pisces moon/taurus asc.


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I was married to a Venus Scorpio for 20 years. Not quite the same as the sunsign, but in relationships, it bleeds over. I think I'd rather a Sun or Rising Scorp, honestly. My Venus and Mars are BOTH Leo. His Venus was Scorp, but Mars was Leo.

Now, despite having the same Sun and Moon sign and water Rising for us both ... the relationship DIED due to very different relational needs. The composite MUST be looked at (ours had problematic Saturn AND Neptune components), but I've since become a big believer in looking at VENUS -- by sign (and house). Is your Venus and his likely to have complimentary needs? If not, you'll need to negotiate (and be clear on) what each of you NEEDS in a relationship.

After my experience with my ex-, I'd be more than willing to date a Sun Scorp (I have a near-exact Mercury-Pluto conjunction so the Scorpion fascinates me), or even a Scorp Rising ... but I will probably never again date a Scorpio Venus, if I can avoid it. It's SO not a good match for my Leo Venus!


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Aquarius Dating Scorpio man!

I am dating a wonderful scorpio. He has a cancer moon. I am an aquarius with a pisces moon and asc. I always say that the moon sign is your heart and the sun sign is your brain.
I have known him since I was twelve, when there was drama he stayed out of it and he never took sides. He is wise, the one always getting hurt in relationships. Same with me.
We cuddled once when I was 13 and it was so passionate that I avoided him, I was young and scared, but despite that he remained a very loyal friend.
Now that we have the chance to be together I know that I am not scared any more, I have been through hell most of my life in relationships and I feel that if I am going to settle, he would be it.
We talk the same.
He has a very passionate look in his eyes, and he says that he sees it in my eyes too. Ive always been a passionate lover and person.
I can feel his ora, I can feel everything he thinks and feels and to me it feels like a blessing.
Having him makes me feel lucky. Out of all the people in the world I get to be the one that knows him from the inside and out.
And I know that some time in the future he may have jealousy problems, and he may be scared to let me in, but I am patient and I know that at the end of the day he will always come talk to me.
I am the type of person that waits for people to come to me unless I feel like they are ready and I grace them with my presents and thats how I get people to vent to me.
we are both very quiet, feelers, we pay attention to details and we love to be there for others.
I honestly feel blessed, and im glad that with this one I dont have talk for him to know what I am feeling. He touches me and he knows :)


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