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I have always trouble with my profession. I am now 30 and only had student jobs. I am in school in the evening now and I hope I can conitnuing to a Bachelor degree. But there are again difficulties, also I am not sure with the choice. I have the possibiltiy to study in less time and e learning, but with big costs. Or I can try to go to another school which will restrict me again in daily life and profession and needs 3 years. second choice of school would be finance in which I am interested. Can I stabilize my profession life with more education and get a real job with responsibility.. I am quite "old" for the market and also I am not so compatible with the mainstream. Would I be successfull in finance or would it end in a disappointment or desaster? Can you recommend me something, please?

Another thing which is quite related to profession is that I am questioning myself if I am mentally healthy. Do you see any indications of restriction?


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Hi Positive,

The chart you have post is seems Western, as per Vedic chart,
you have jup in its own house, but in enemies sign, also saturn placed over with friends sigh. is a strong indication for the same, as far as your success concern, yes you will have success with lot of hard work. as your sun is also deb. in 6th house. you will achieve the success is for sure. So dont get depressed and start your day with great energy.


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4th cusp sublord mercury being 3rd H significator is not helping you with bachelors degree education.
Also its the same planet which is 10th cusp sublord and 9th H significator, which creates hurdles in finding right job.

you have been running same planet(mercury) dasa since 1999 may till 2016 may.

changing schools or jobs will not lead to any success.

i dont see much success in finance too
wish i culd help but cant


as far as I know venus is 4th sublord, 10th sub lord is also venus, 9th house is sagg/Jupiter (using KP houses, not sign houses). I think you mislooked something.
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