pls help with 2 yr old son medical condition

Hi Radu,
My son DOB is 12/02/2004 15:44 ottawa,CANADA.He use to be a healthy and happy kid til 18 months, no illness at all. After that he got pneumonia twice last winter, having difficulty drinking liquids and have lazy eye abd lagging in speech milestone.Til now nno diagonosis from doc, MRI is on 18/05 at 8:00 AM ottawa, CANADA. I am asking this Q at 11:48 EST 11th of May 2006. pls reply what do you think about his condition.

Arian Maverick

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Taurussaggi, I am incredibly sorry to hear about your son's medical difficulties :cry:

I have uploaded your son's natal chart and have progressed this chart in six month intervals. Hopefully, this may shed some light on what has occured in his (very) young life thus far.

Natal Chart:

Progressed Chart (6 Months):

Progressed Chart (1 Year):

Progressed Chart (18 Months):

Progressed Chart (2 Years)

Arian Maverick
Hi Arian,
Thanks for reply, but I can't interpret these chart. I have no knowledge in this filed. Pls tell me in lay man terms.

Looking forward to any reply.

Arian Maverick

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I consider it my role of sorts to upload charts and provide text links between boards, since I am not nearly as gifted in interpretation as many other members on this forum.

I appologize that I cannot be of greater assistance :(

Arian Maverick