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Hi. I've been studying astrology now for several months, and I love it! I just found this site recently. It is so wonderful that there are people who will help you by telling you about your chart. Would someone please tell me about mine. I've gone through a lot of trials/challenges this past year, and I'm hoping that the next year (several years) will bring some nice changes. Someone told me that I have a lunar return this year, my ascendant is back in its natal position, and I'm having a solar return this year, but what does all of this mean? I think my Saturn return is in two years, right? What does that mean?

I am really looking forward to hearing about this. Thank you!


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A Lunar return is when the Moon returns to its birth position...about every month. A Solar Return is when the Sun returns to its birth position...every year. The Ascendant returns to its birth position every day. The Saturn return occurs every 28 - 30 years.

The first step in astrology is to understand your birth chart. To learn basic astrological interpretation of your birth chart see:

and follow the 6 steps on the site. After you understand your birth chart THEN you can begin to understand some of the other astrology (such as the "Saturn return" you mentioned).

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