Please save me please help me

I started my small teaching classes in 2011. Hardly got 4-5 students initially. I thought things will improve going ahead but same situation till 2017. My students have scored very high marks and are very satisfied by my teaching. Still zero students since 2017. No income. No work. I am sitting idle and depressed since 3 years. Without any money. Thanks to dad to feed me 2 meals and pay for my petrol and recharge. I am married. No money with me and dad to start any new business. I love teaching only. My career is lost. Devastated. Don’t know what to do. Can’t get job in any school as B.Ed degree is compulsory and i am not having it. I am an engineer. I want to work hard but how when students are only nit coming. I am going into depression more and more deeper. Please help. Male born on 19 feb 1990, 23:05 at Rajkot, Gujarat, India
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Your Sun is causing you trouble since it is under the aspect of Saturn. Its major-period is going on. It owns the eleventh house and projects aspect to it. This is the house of income and success. Since Sun receives aspect from Jupiter if you take up measures to placate the Sun they will work. Please offer water to the rising Sun daily and pray to Lord Shiv.
I am doing it sir. Offering water to sun and daily praying at Shiv as well as Hanuman temple. Is it teaching career good for me for the lifetime? Are there any such placements that i will do good in my career only if i leave my hometown? Else all will fail for lifetime? Ketu in 10th house detaches and isolated me from my career?


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Yes, ketu in the 10 detaches you from doing specific work... the only remedy will work is to pay less atention to your desire....
work somewhere like menial job. Do not restrict urself and do not complain about this work.... within 1 month it will give result.... be like a saint in your career part....


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Kshantram ji, yaha pe kundali ke screenshot ki image kaise upload karna, ye option nahi hai. Kaise karu ji?
You can download the pdf kundli from astrosage and then upload it in Google drive and then copy paste the link here.
For directions to upload pdf to Google drive, take help from Google.
This is how i do it.