Please read my chart?

Am I on the right path? Right now im in school hoping to pursue a PhD in physics. It is incredibly difficult to stay mentally engaged to a day to day job. Which is why i was thankful i was let go from my job. I know planets in my 8th house has an influence on me, but from what i've read, much of what's going on in my 8th house i have no control over. Also, what does the conjunction between my jupiter and saturn represent?

I really hope to get married one day, but I refuse to settle out of convenience. To say I want a deep soulful relationship is close to what i desire. Is there any indication when the potential to meet this person will be greatest?

Thanks for reading.



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In terms of the 8th house there are often implications involving necessary psychological transformations; they only seem to be out of our personal control, because many of the blockages involved tend to remain imprinted in the subconscious 'vault of memories' and hidden from our conscious awareness....the changes we must make in life are often grinding and long term in their effects...You are on a path of psychic enlightenment, I would say and thus are apt to be easily bored by the routine and drudgery of working in dull day to day occupations...Jupiter/Saturn conjunct: Jupiter is about expansion and development through the incentive of the desires and aspirations in life...Saturn attempts to keep us moving on the right track; it represents discipline and the need for control in decision making and goal setting...this could be an inhibiting factor in personal and social relationships, creating hindrances along the way; your personal relationship synastry can be investigated in further depth by analysis of your Moon, Venus and Mars energies do have a pleasant affiliation between the energies of Taurus and Pisces, which can be quite helpful in forming relationships...regarding marriage [7th house energies and the Sun and Moon phase at birth] we find Mercury [communications and mental orientation] in the 7th afflicted by Jupiter, Mars and Uranus ...these can contribute to relationship difficulties relating to mental differentiations and difficulties in communications: 'but I refuse to settle out of convenience' ...well said! The enjoyment of deep and soulful connections is indicated by your planets in Pisces as well as the 8th house. :cool: