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Dear Friends,

I am just beginning to learn astrology, though I think my previous struggles and studies have been leading to it for some time.

I am concerned about a Saturn transit over my sun and mars. I've taken a couple serious hits to my pride and achievement in the last two years, and I need to know if it is just beginning and what lessons I need to absorb. My niave understanding of astrology makes me think that I am on more friendly terms with Saturn than many other people.

I am a teacher and school administrator by trade. I learn by doing things in the world with and for other people, but I balance that with time alone reading and contemplating. I can't figure out (and others cannot figure out) if I am arrogant or humble, sensitive or self-centered. I am both.

I have studied philosophy and psychology and have begun writing books. I think I have some helpful insights to share and have begun thinking (again, in the last two years) that my teaching might extend to future generations through my writing.

I want to shed my delusions and make a crucial difference in this time of revolutionary change. Any help, insight, perspective you could provide would be gratefully appreciated.

Respectfuly Submitted,


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Looking at the transits, we see Saturn is moving over the ninth house

Mercury and Neptune. The ninth house rules places of education, it rules

books, it rules foreign people or places. It rules religion. Saturn Neptune is

causing some sort of suffering with this house. A lack of resources or a

sense of depression. Mercury Saturn is the paperwork and Saturnine

heavy thinking.

So at the moment the chart is stating that any ninth house matters are

causing a feeling of being trapped or suffering.


These heavy feelings will not clear until September. They will not clear until

you are forced to make a decison about a relationship or money in the early Autumn.

If this is connected to the book then it is a money decison, if it

is a relationship it involves a foreign person or someone in a place of

education. This theme of money or relationship continues to build in 2014 strongly

under the Transit Neptune Venus opposition.

So next August September Saturn will clear the cloudy weather in your life and

allow a direction to be taken.
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You are saying that Saturn is transiting my scorpio planets in the 9th house, and I am reading that Saturn just exited Libra in October this year. Can I take solace in the fact that the transit has now passed by my major planets in Libra, and that the shocks I have experienced in my career these last two years may be beginning to resolve?


Thank you, Ptolemy.

In the time Saturn transited my sun and mars and approached my midheaven, I wrote two books and lost two jobs. In one way, it was the most rewarding and fruitful period of my life, but I was simultaneously spit out by the patriarchy, and that caused financial hardship.

Last time Saturn made this transit I came as close as I've ever been to an emotional/social breakdown, and I gaduated college and met my philosophy teacher. Interesting- to me, at least.

Next time round, I think I will die.