Please Read My Chart :)


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Hi, I would be so thankful if someone had the time to read my chart and give me more information on the story of my soul. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, Eden. Welcome to the forum.

It would be helpful if you could say a bit about yourself, as a "blind" chart reading is always difficult to give. Also it is hard to make out the planets' degrees where they are not listed. (Yes, this matters, as aspects can be tight or wide.)

One point you might calculate is the Arabic "part of spirit," which is kind of the reverse of the calculation of the part of fortune. If your software doesn't do this, try Astrodienst's free chart pages at they have big scroll-down menus. There are also on-line calculators. Check out its sign and house.

However, there isn't just one soul point in the horoscope. It's pretty much the whole chart.

The following is based on the assumption that your birth time is accurate.

Your chart gives some indication of you as a lifelong seeker.

Your moon is in curious Gemini in the 9th house of experiences that expand our mental horizons in some way. These include philosophy, theology, great literature, higher education, and overseas travel. The opposition from Pluto in the third house of thought and communication, however, suggests that you cannot just find some answers and be done with your search. Pluto may overturn what you thought was true with some regularity, saying, "Not that! Not that!" So think about your lifelong journey towards ever-deeper understanding. You may never find the ultimate answers, but will learn a lot in the process.

You have a different modality with your sun, Mars, and Uranus in the 5th house of children and various leisure activities. You cannot spend all day with your nose in a book. You need to enjoy some form of recreation. Moreover, you also want to find your studies fun and exciting. Having your own child/ren may be very meaningful to you. If this isn't on your radar, think of sponsoring a child, perhaps overseas, who needs your help.

I also have a 5th house Aquarian sun, Virgo rising, and Jupiter in Capricorn in the 4th house! This doesn't quite make us astro-twins, but it does suggest to me that you have an interest in traditional lore; and possibly a love of certain branches of history. You may like family history, antiques, and old houses (I do.) If you have an ancestral ethnic group, learning more about their traditional religious beliefs may interest you.

With Mercury retrograde, your mind tends to review over and over disparate puzzle pieces, until you find the key that fits.

With Venus on the cusp of your 7th house, relationships are probably very important to you, but conjunct Saturn, you may experience delays and disappointments. I think your main life trajectory points elsewhere; but please keep in mind that God's delay is not His denial. (OK if you're an atheist: you get the picture.) You may be drawn to a partner who is older, who shows up later in life, or who seems Saturnine in some way (like Capricorn rising.)

The NN in your second house of money suggests you also cannot ignore practical financial matters and will actually grow through this process; and also that developing a sense of values is important to you.

Please ask again if I didn't cover something of interest to you.

Best wishes for your journey.