Please read my chart

Hello Gurus,

Can you please read my chart and help me. How will be my situation in Future

This is Saritha

DOB: 25-09-1977 Time: 11:30 am
Gender: Female

Place of Birth : Kurnool
State: Andhra Pradesh

Thank you so much


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Reading the chart is a major task. You have to tell the area of life that is bothering you and on which you need clarification from the astrologer.
Currently i am working as S/W professional when can I get onsite opportunity. Financially I lost everything till last 4 years. Able to recover from past 2 years only. Will my Financial position becomes better going forward


My struggle with life started at that age of 15. I got married when i am 19.But it is not successful marriage. I have lost everything because of my husband and instead he torched me a lot.After lot of Physical and Mental struggle finally I got divorce in the year of 2013-2014.

By the time i got divorce i stood on the road with debts and responsibility of 2 kids and my mom. I have cleared all the debts and move on with my responsibilities.

I have joined in the current company - 15-3-2017.



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The major-period of Saturn is going on since 2003. It is not a good planet for you. It is currently in your second house of wealth since last two years. It has put your financial resources under severe constraint. Saturn will move out of this position in the end of coming January. Things will relax then. A change in your official responsibilities will also take place after January/2020.