Please read my chart, I feel very strongly about something


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Please delete my post, thank you.
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You may be struggling with depression soon. t.Pluto is only now leaving its conjunction to natal Saturn. t.Saturn is in the early stages of a conjunction n.Moon. Do not be surprised if you have a major depressive event. It does not represent failure. It is an emotional thing that must be handled, a Sa/Mo thing. I think it will last a few more weeks.

Solar arc Uranus and Neptune are crowding your natal Moon which also stir up your emotional state and bring you fearful nightmares or daydreams. Try to realize that it is an emotional phase, and it will pass. Try not to let your emotions over rule your reason.

sa.Pluto is now leaving its conjunction with your natal Mercury. For a year approximately you have tried to solve the problem with penetrating investigation.

sa.Mercury is now closely approaching conjunction with n.Saturn. This will be depressing. You will frequently think thoughts of being a captive of circumstances. You will work hard mentally.

Solar arc Sun-oppose-Mars is now across natal Uranus. Sun is on Uranus and Mars is opposed. This is roughly a year of being accident-prone. You will be impatient and hasty. You will be a nuisance to authorities. You may become radical during this period. You will go your own way for better or worse.

All the solar arc things will be long lasting. Each one for a year or more. I'm sorry I can't offer anything more hopeful than that.

Essentially you are entering a depressing time for you.