please read my chart franklin


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franklin I am also attempting an acting career or have been for a whil ebut now about to take it to the next level proffesionally...could I ask your opinion

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Re: I want to be an actor does my chart agree??

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I would be looking for something in Leo or fifth house for acting and strong neptune in 10th. There are lots of oppositions in your chart suggesting a see-saw chart.

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career significators
Professional & Destiny

If you want to research your Yod then try here
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Your mercury is challenged by 3planets and Neptune conj MC suggests careers dissolving, disappearing, confusion, illusion, self deception and also a disappearing parent around 8years old?

Your Mercury opp Neptune could make you quite good at fantasising, talking, salesperson or simply 'acting a part' but there are two things that suggest a sharp mind and poss a little to forceful at times, plus a very bossy mother