Please read my chart and caereer prospects


I'm posting a chart I made for you. Usually the procedure is the querent posts his or her own chart for the others to have a look. But it's OK, I prepared your chart instead. :innocent:

Right click to open the attachment in a new tab (or hold down Ctrl key then left click) because the pictures open in a small pop up window when you just left click on it.

When it opens in a new tab enlarge it by clicking on the image when the magnifying lens cursor appears. You may want to save the image to your computer for offline reference. Just right click and save image.

You will see Saturn and Pallas in your 10th house. Tenth house is the area of career, which the title of your post was.

Click here for Cafe Astrology's interpretation of Saturn in the 10th house.

Click here for Astromandir's interpretation of Saturn in the 10th house. This second site looks geared towards Vedic astrology but the idea is the same. Check them out both so you would see the similarity of their views about the 10th house. I'm including this because you were born in Jamshedpur.

Then read here for Astro Fix's interpretation of Pallas in the 10th house.

There you go. Happy to be of service! :happy:


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