Please Read! I need help figuring out a fertility question.



I am trying to have another child after a long time of trying. My birthday is November 10, 1974. I was born at 3:43pm, in Cleveland, Ohio.....41. 30 latitude 81.41 longitude. We have a daughter who will be 7 on Sept. 4, 2005.
I anyone can help, or suggest where I might look to find some more information I would be grateful!
Thank you for reading my post!

Sun at 17*60' Scorpio 3rd house
Moon at 6*25' Libra 2nd house
Mercury at 29*03' Libra 3rd house
Venus at 19*04' Scorpio 3rd house
Mars at 9*09' Scorpio 3rd house
Jupiter at 7*58' Pisces 7th house
Saturn at 18*54' Cancer 11th house
Uranus at 29*20' Libra 3rd house
Neptune at 8*30' Sagittarius 4th house
Pluto at 8*10' Libra 2nd house

AS: 0*11' Virgo
MC: 24*20' Taurus


trying to get preg. for 7 years

This is called secondary infertility if you have tried for over 2 years after a successful pregnancy. You should be going thru a battery of tests to check your tubes, and uterus to make sure there is no obstructions that you can't feel but are there. The fathers sperm motility. A test to check your hormones, and to see if you are ovulating. These are medical things, then take into consideration smoking by either you or hubby. Drinking, and being overweight these are all simple contributions sometimes to infertility. I will check out your chart to see what is transiting what at this time.


amazing you and I have near same houses at same degree's

So this tells me that you have saturn sitting in 5th house as do I,....Pretty much means tough time having a baby but it also means time to get authorities involved, time to get serious if your serious. You should be having a great time with partners right now, Jupiter sitting in 7th, and what a heck of a stellium sitting there, would imagine your very feminine, that when you speak at times people are shocked. Mars opp Jupiter that you have alot of enthusiatic energy that you should keep physically active you might need it for the stress release of it, perhaps some meditation. After seeing the saturn(authorities) about the baby, you might also consider going to Acupunturist and such about fertility issues as well have read articles on this in conjunction being helpful. and the other issues I mentioned, hubby out of the heat to keep sperm motility up, relax on smoking or drinking both, take vitamins and keep weight and stress under as much control as possible. Hope that was helpful.


Thanks, Amandria for your reply. I have been exploring medical options. Husband is fine and my tubes are fine, we had all of those tests already. I wasn't ovulating, so I've been taking Clomid for the past few months. If this doesn't work I'll move on to something else. I will look into acupuncture, though. Our daughter was conceived with no problem, so it's just a bit frustrating. I thought there might be some cosmic explanation :D
Thanks for your help!
Oh how this has been my concern for the last 3yrs.. can be so tough. My husband is fine as well.. it's me with the problem. I know what it is but sadly not getting the help I need. I have been using alternative health to balance my body out and such. I am currently trying an alternative to Clomid for my egg qualtiy. I do wish you much luck.
I am currently taking vitamins..herbs such as vitex, red raspberry..evening primrose and chromium picolinate supplement... also Soy inflavones is used exactly as clomid. for my egg quality. I have had no luck with dr's and this has helped but I still have miscarriages we aren't exactly sure why it's happening. but it's due to the fact i have polycystic ovaries.