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Am I pregnant?:crying::crying::crying:

I already did a pregnancy horary chart months ago,in September,when I thought I was pregnant from my ex boyfriend,even though since then I got my period, and took TWO pregnany tests that were negative,and had no pregnancy symptoms,my tomack has not gotten bigger. However,I did do a horary chart and according to it,I was pregnant,just they said that it will somehow not hold.
Nine months have passed and Ive noticed I am now feeling sick, I didnt get my would be really,really strange if,by some creepy chance,a baby would suddenly pop out.

THAT,or I am pregnant with a guy I have eben seeing,however we have been using a condom,but there really arent any guarantees...
I am really,really afraid,I have absolutely no money here,to even take out the baby out of me if it will be na incomplete pregnancy...My health is also very fragial,I had many operations ever since I was a baby,and doctors said to my mother that they doubt that I can ever get pregnant.


I am Mercury, in an Air sign, capricorn isnt fruitful, but we are trining,Moon is fruitful...****!!!


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What is strange,saturn is in the 2nd house,which reflects my money issues...Its in his 8th house,house of fears,regrets,loss,anguish.... Notice how Jupiter is near my 8th house..I do fear his reaction. This is a man who told me he ''doesnt care at all '' about me,he might as well take off,and I need him to pay for the abortion. But I am entering a cadent house,and so is he :( this is making me really afraid because itsn hinting that we are powerless to do anything,or ''its too late for an abortion '' ,but I dont think so... He is Jupiter,and Jupiter isnt nececarily angry,even if in Aries.... the ruler of the 5th is the same as the 6th which means that,if I am pregnant,the child is weakening the mother..Aries doesnt like Libra,so he doesnt like the baby,neither do I really, Mars and Sun trine the baby though..does that mean he wont be mean about it ,and even though an abortion will occur he wont look at it in an ill way?

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Hi Arijana

I don't think you are pregnant in this chart.

You are Mercury, Saturn is baby.

Mercury is cadent and heading to conjunct with Mars - Mars rules the 8th house of loss. Mercury is quite weak in the 6th house, reflecting what you mentioned about your health. Not sure if you are pregnant and it doesn't hold though, I read here in the horary forum that a few pregnancies don't hold in this very early stage but far from being an expert.

Moon is also void, nothing will come of this at this time.

You are right about Jupiter, his primary concern is for himself in his own house and term. You need to focus on your health and ways of improving it if as you say it's fragile. You can improve your health through positivity :)