Please interpret my strange chart


So obviously I have a lot of concentrated energy in the first and the eleventh house. But what does it all mean? Any assistance would be of great appreciation. Please lend a hand if you have any idea of how this chart could be interpreted.


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I tend to take a more down-to-earth approach to chart reading. With your sun-Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio, you probably need to live life with a lot of intensity. Whatever you read about Scorpio suns will be magnified in your case.

With your first house Uranus you probably come across to others as a bit unusual in your appearance. However, Neptune in the first is common with people who don't have a clear sense as to how other people perceive them. They can be "shape-shifters," altering their outward personalities to appear like what they think other people want them to be. You may recognize your strong inner intensity, and try not to let other people see too much of it.

Yet the north node (of personal growth) in your first house suggests that developing a clear self image and knowing who you are for others is your real life-challenge.

With a moon in Aries, you are generally independent and like to go your own way. Jupiter in the 8th and Mercury in the 12th suggest an interest in probing life's philosophical secrets.


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Could you please be a bit more specific about your questions? Your chart represents your whole life so....maybe make a list of the 3 most urgent questions you have.
also, are you male or female?
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Sure, I suppose I would like to know how this energy is expressed through the eleventh house and this means I'm fated for something. I would also like to know about what my first house Stellium means if it can be interpreted and any other powerful aspects that stand out. And I am a boy.

List of Aspects
Mars Conjunction Pluto Orb 2°45'
Uranus Conjunction Neptune Orb 3°25'
Sun Conjunction Mars Orb 3°28'
Venus Conjunction MC Orb 5°22'
Sun Conjunction Pluto Orb 6°13'
Mercury Conjunction AS Orb 10°20
Moon Opposite MC Orb 9°39'
Venus Square Uranus Orb 0°13'
Neptune Square MC Orb 1°43'
Venus Square Neptune Orb 3°38'
Uranus Square MC Orb 5°09'
Moon Square Saturn Orb 5°42'
Mercury Square Jupiter Orb 6°58'
Jupiter Trine Uranus Orb 0°41'
Jupiter Trine Neptune Orb 2°44'
Moon Trine AS Orb 3°12'
Moon Trine Mercury Orb 7°08'
Mercury Sextile MC Orb 2°30'
Sun Sextile Saturn Orb 5°05'
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 5°46'
Sun Inconjunction Moon Orb 0°37'
Moon Inconjunction Mars Orb 2°50'
Sun SemiSquare Uranus Orb 0°25'
Sun SemiSquare Venus Orb 0°39'
Moon SesquiQuadrate Jupiter Orb 0°52'
Saturn Quintile Pluto Orb 0°40'
Mars Quintile Jupiter Orb 0°43'
Venus SemiSextile Jupiter Orb 0°54'
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Hi there¡
We almost have the same chart. I have the scorpio stellium, venus in libra and a capricorn ascendant, with pisces moon. Having a stellium in the 11th house with mars pluto and sun, could represent a stress in the friend relationship area, where you can experiment some issues with your near circle; that´s why viewing in my perspective you should be carefull with anger, and misunderstood problems that can end or damage long term relationships. In other hand, I find particular the mars pluto conjuntion wich took place specially in 1991 and 1993, i have it too and yes it is some hard aspect to deal with. Though not always is the same experience with everyone, it can describe some anger issues that have roots with violent child experiences or sexual abuse, Hope be wrong with you. It is all about energy, in this case is energy (mars) concetrated (pluto) that must be channeled in a good way like sports, etc.
Having the uranus neptune conjunction in the 1st house can represent a hazy filter of reality that eforts your own neptunian way to put face to reality.

Hope it help you.