Please interpret my chart?


The attachment is my natal chart done by, I've always wondered what my chart says about me, and my purpose in this life.

And thank you for replying and taking the time to help me understand more of myself :)


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You seem to hold a very complicated chart but it's nice to see a very 'me' chart! You definitely must've a very strong personality though emotional due to your Moon conj asc. Give a bit of time & will get back to u.


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Hi Not_Storage. Yes as Blackempress says its a complicated one, mainly because of the first house Saturn Mercury Uranus Sun stellium in Sagittarius in the first house. One of the things I would read into this is that the sense of individuality (Sun Saturn 1st house) is found through the pursuit of understanding (Sagittarius Uranus Mercury), and that this will colour your life path in a very fundamental way (1st house).

Teasing the stellium apart a little, Saturn and Uranus have in common a need to live by some system of (somewhat impersonal) laws, but they differ in how their approach.

Saturn is more pragmatic and concerned with establishing a secure foundation from which realistic goals can be pursued with patient determination. More destructively, Saturn can also make us afraid to try to achieve anything in case we fail, and also to overcompensate for those fears or to conform to the values of others.

Uranus is a truth-seeking energy, which impels us to break down secure structures were this is needed in the name of progress and liberation.

Some people with close Saturn Uranus aspects, especially when tied to an important personal factor like the Sun or first house, can feel torn between staying with what is established and breaking new ground. Saturn Uranus people are also potentially very good at establishing new ideas in the world in a useful and concrete manner.

Therefore how you get on with authority figures, and the authority imposed on us by our mortal existence, could be a good barometer of how you are managing this complicated stellium. If you have an issue with people who are rebellious or people who are conventional, then it is likely that you are projecting either Uranus or Saturn onto others because you still have work to do in accommodating both planetary energies in your sense of who you are.

Another litmus test for how creatively the stellium is manifesting could be how genuinely broad minded you are. This whole stellium suggests the potential for a deep and profound search for understanding, but also may reflect insecurities that make it sometimes difficult for you to take on board views that challenge your views (and which may therefore arouse your intellectual and philosophical insecurities).

Moon and Ascendant in Sagittarius also, so you are a 'triple Sagittarius'. I would read about this sign from reliable resources - get to know deeply the fears, values and defences of this sign. Recommended reading: Astrology For Lovers (not as cheesey as it sounds) and Barriers And Boundaries - both by Liz Greene. The first one can be picked up quite cheap on amazon. The second book is more expensive but is well worth the money.

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter and it is angular and in a fire chart, so this is a very fiery chart indeed. The above books also deal with the elements as a whole as well as with the individual signs.

The stellium is opposite Chiron in Gemini in the 7th house. So the issues discussed above are perhaps confronted in some way by issues of the unfairness of life. Chiron symbolises the urge to come to terms with the fact that much as we would like to build a secure world where everyone behaves in an ethical way, and science can keep the destructive forces of nature at bay, the world will never really be like this. Sometimes awful things happen to people who don't deserve it and sometimes human beings are as brutal as any beast. You can see how the feel of the stellium is inherently at odds with Chiron's energy, and perhaps the contrast is all the stronger due to the fact that Chiron opposes the stellium in your chart.

It is also noteworthy that your Nodal axis squares the Stellium Chiron opposition.

So your principles may embrace those who have been victimised, and you may strive even harder to bring about a safe, just, civilised world, either your immediate world or the world at large. Libra on the MC suggests that you see your role in the world as to bring some kind of harmony and balance. Venus (ruler of your MC) is in Capricorn, reiterating the idea that you would work hard to bring beauty into the world, but your relationship to your Venus may be complicated in the first part of your life because earth (Capricorn's element) is opposite to fire, and because your Venus isn't strongly aspected to other planets in the chart.

The Mars Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in the 11th could bring a lot of passion to involvement with groups of people who share your ideals of how the world should be. The 11th house could be any kind of group where people come together, like a sports club or something, and this kind of club could be useful to you as a way of venting some of the pressure that may build up around that Mars Pluto conjunction. However, it is likely that you will want to be involved in more politically minded groups, or perhaps a religious group, due to the themes associated with the stellium that were discussed above.

This conjunction disposits the rest of the chart. All rulerships in this chart lead to the conjunction. If we take Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio, then Pluto is the 'final dispositor'. If we take Mars as also being a ruler, then both Mars and Pluto fulfil this role. This can be interpreted as the conjunction being very powerful in your psyche.

Mars is the aggressive urge (in both the healthy and unhealthy senses of the word aggressive). Pluto is the archetype of necessity and evolution. It could be that you often feel ambivalent about aggressive/assertive energy for a variety of reasons. You may fear that you will be too destructive if you express this part of yourself. You may also fear that others will behave aggressively towards you. Potentially, Mars Pluto can also feel a compulsive need to assert one's own will. The trick with this conjunction is perhaps to learn when to fight and when to yield. Such decisions may be accompanied by very intense feelings as though your very survival depended upon it. As part of a group you may feel that you are fighting for your survival or for the survival of those embraced by a cause in which you get involved.

As you can see, this could add great passion to the quest that you may feel is inherent in the stellium, and/or the more impersonal and civilised energies of Saturn and Uranus may result in tension between the stellium and the Mars Pluto conjunction in Scorpio.

Anyway, I'll look forward to reading what Blackempress and others have to say about his very interesting chart, and any feedback you feel inclined to post.

Best wishes


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<..> I've always wondered what my chart says about me, and my purpose in this life.

<...> :)

If the Moon's South Node represents what we innately know, what we bring into this life, then the North Node points to our life's calling, what we are to learn, our purpose in this life. As Miquar notes, your nodal axis is in a tense grand square with your 1st house Sagittarian stellium that includes Sun-Moon-Mercury/Saturn-Uranus and with Chiron in the 7th.

There is a major emphasis on the self coming into being and the self-awareness that accompanies it, yet when you look out into the world, you will always see suffering. So the quest for preservation of the self in view of suffering of others is one main theme asking for balance in your life. As you gain that greater 1st-7th balance, I think you will inherently be drawn away from Virgoan SN emphasis of analysis and discrimination about suffering/healing and more towards boundless, inspired compassion of NN in Pisces. This seems to me like a powerful chart statement from your chart's angular houses [when using the Whole Sign house system].

Now with Whole Sign, Mars-Pluto in Scorpio, final dispositors of the chart as Miquar noted, are in the 12th house, whose natural ruler is Pisces. And this points us back to NN in Pisces, which reflects your life's calling.

When we try to find a way to work with the signature grand square, we see that Jupiter not only widely trines the entire Sagittarian stellium, but it also rules it. And Jupiter is also ancient ruler of NN in Pisces. Now we can see that almost all the planets and points in the chart are involved in and support this Piscean life purpose.

So I imagine that you can reach out to your life's purpose by travel to far away places [either literally or via reading], higher education, participation in some organized religion, in order to cultivate selflessness, surrender, sacrifice in the name of service [Virgo-Pisces, 12th house]. Support and momentum are there with Jupiter in Aries in the creative 5th house. And as those qualities in yourself blossom and bring fruit, you can turn to the powerful, almost invincible, Mars-Pluto in Scorpio powerhouse in the 12th to drive your imagination and effort.

I must say that I envy the story that I see in your chart. Were I fortunate enough to have this gift in my chart, I would immerse myself in the practice and meaning of Pisces, in preparation to meet that boundless and great calling that is yours. [I may just immerse myself in the practice and meaning of Pisces anyway. Who knows, this post may be for me as much as for you :) ]

I would be interested in any feedback that you may care to share with the forum. But in any case, I am wishing you the very best on your life's journey, wherever it may take you.


Again I would like to thanks you all who've replied, Thank you!

I am really interested in what Blackempress has to say. :biggrin:

Is there anything in my chart that shows romance or children? (Can a birth chart show that kind of thing?) :joyful:

Also, out of curiosity, does my chart show that I was born early, and when I say early, I mean mom only carried me for 5 months, about 20/21 weeks before she had me due to an very bad infection in the womb.


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Not sure if I can see anything about an infection or not. Perhaps if the Uranus Pluto Chiron Sun configuration picks up some personal midpoints, this could be relevant. Mars Pluto may also be part of the picture. I don't know of any way to see a premature arrival per se, but I think the chart does tend to reflect the circumstances around the birth faithfully.


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Again I would like to thanks you all who've replied, Thank you!

I am really interested in what Blackempress has to say. :biggrin:

Is there anything in my chart that shows romance or children? (Can a birth chart show that kind of thing?) :joyful:

I will admit that I feel like an ant after such wonderful analysis has been posted already.

Honestly it really interests me to know How You particularly function as a person because I find it like your accelerator & brake have been installed in the same pedal!
With such a fiery chart, you would come across as a very dynamic, enthusiastic, creative & adventurous person. With your Sun falling into the Leo decan you are likely to be very charismatic & outgoing. People probably love to be in your company. (I also gather from the chart that you are good looking too which is icing on the cake.) Plus 1st House Uranus is eye-catching & people generally flock around easily.

To my understanding the chart is of self-assertion whilst being connected to others. The Moon Conjunct Ascendant can create a person others view as 'moody' but it is more a struggle of emotional display vs hiding them. With moon in the 12th house the issues are more about Hiding them but you would wish to express. 12th House moon goes with maternal issues or loss of parent at times. For some there are health issues of the mother or the mother is over-worked in absence of the father or in some ways seeing the mother as a victim. The cure is servitude towards others & spirituality which would come easy to you because of the dominance of Jupiter on the chart. Also your TN is in Pisces which will further help you in healing others & thereon to heal yourself.

With Jupiter in 4th house you will probably gain help from your family members & eventually lead a happy family life especially in latter age.

With Saturn in the 1st house conjunct Sun-Mercury, it could be that in childhood you found your personality not acknowledged. Usually Saturn in 1st house find it difficult to express their individuality earlier on but later turn into very strong personalities that demand to be leaders. You might also try changing others by force. (Saturn-Conj Uranus). This is the point of accelerator-brake together pushed to extreme.

Pluto-Mars conj is important to realise as it could lead to power issues in the social circle. According to Cafe-astrology:
With Pluto in your 11th House, you may meet many of your power issues within the social sphere, particularly around special interest groups or when dealing with political processes. You're not the women who enjoys sitting on the sidelines if you're part of a group, especially if something could be done more effectively. If you have not developed a strong sense of your own ideals and beliefs you can fall under the influence of others who would usurp your power in order to boost their own. But once you've awakened to your own ideals, drives and directives, you can be a highly influential leader and instigator of social change. The extent of your efforts depends upon you and the choices you make for yourself.

Add Martian impulsiveness, aggression & assertion & good stuff can be lost. You would likely need to work on this area so you could achieve a respectable & Charismatic role in the society. (Libra MC). This will naturally give you a sensitivity towards social position & you will probably gain good reputation to get to the top by teamwork/support. They make good administrators, as they carefully weigh each decision. Other careers that may speak to them are anything in the arts, image consulting, decorating, law, writing, public policy, diplomacy or politics. Personal & Professional life will need a balance though.

Chiron in 7th will be a lesson in relationships especially through lack of communication. With Gemini chiron there are old issues of self-expression & being hurt so later on people will present themselves with precision to be better heard. There may be painful problems with marriage partners, business partners, or close friends, which lead to new learning and knowledge which can be used to help others by bringing out their fullest potential, such as through counselling.

P.s: I'm not too sure but perhaps you would find romance through your social circle (5th house Ruler in 11th) & I find you very 'married' to yourself. (7th ruler in 1st) :biggrin:
When I saw your chart I wished it was mine. :smile:

Good luck on your lovely journey ahead!

Hope you find this helpful & would love your feedback!
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I've always been drawn to the public life; I've wanted to be a politician, a musician, an actress, model...I've want to be in spotlight and famous.
Why do I feel such an overwhelming pull to this lifestyle?
I don't know if I end up in the public life or not...but I certainly feel drawn and pulled into that.

Also, what chart pattern type do I have?
And what story do you guys see in my chart?


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I've always been drawn to the public life; I've wanted to be a politician, a musician, an actress, model...I've want to be in spotlight and famous.
Why do I feel such an overwhelming pull to this lifestyle?
I don't know if I end up in the public life or not...but I certainly feel drawn and pulled into that.

Also, what chart pattern type do I have?
And what story do you guys see in my chart?

Perhaps because the first house stellium is in fire and contains the fiery Sun along with Saturn (which may look for external recognition of the fiery need for a sense of siginificance and being special.)

In terms of chart shaping, the gap between Jupiter and Venus is over 60 degrees, so even if we take Chiron out of the equation it still isn't a perfect bowl (and if we include Chiron it isn't a perfect bucket either). But you couold use either of these.

Most of your planets are in a bundle (or cluster or wedge), but Jupiter doesn't create a perfect fan because its not opposite one of the bundle planets.

I won't go through them all, but basically its not a perfect example of any particular shaping (as is the case with many, perhaps most, charts). It may have characteristics of a fan because the stellium opposes Chiron, with Jupiter having an effect on that pattern that could be interpreted partly as its placement as a singleton by house quadrant.

As for the story of your chart, I don't know what I would add to what I wrote on my first post on this thread, especially without any background about you.


I just all my life felt like I need to leave footprint or something.
It very intensely strong and I feel like it is a purpose in my calling.

I also went to a pattern site for natal chart and my looks like a bundle.
I don't know what that means either.

I agree a lot with your first post, as well.
I wonder what people see in my chart, cause my mother had a friend who was into astrology, numerology, etc. and she said my natal chart held an interesting story. So I do wonder what people see or even what she saw.

PS- Also what do the houses mean in a chart?
Here are house my house position looks and I'm not certain what the placements all mean either and how they all work out:

House 1 is Sagittarius - ASC
House 2 is Capricorn
House 3 Pisces
House 4 Aries - IC
House 5 Taurus
House 6 Taurus
House 7 Gemini - DSC
House 8 Cancer
House 9 Virgo
House 10 Libra -MC
House 11 Scorpio
House 12 Scorpio


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House 1 Sagittarius - can be a little too open minded, very honest, sympathetic and generous. encouraged to seek spirituality

House 2 Capricorn - may deny him/herself the basic necessities as as luxuries

House 3 Aquarius - air and road travel . maybe interested in the occult - character reading, astrology and palmistry

House 4 Pisces - large family , many changes in old age . old folks home is likely

House 5 Aries - over activity on the physical front results in insomnia

House 6 Taurus - contain that hearty appetite, or heart and liver trouble is seen . must learn to organise work schedule around substantial periods of rest

House 7 Gemini - is likely to have more than one marriage ,in his/her search for variety, seeking those who have intellectual capacity. if you are in business , the most suitable one will be the one who adapts easily and quickly

House 8 Cancer - womb problems and maybe liver will be the cause of the death . some may suffer from insomnia. whatever the family has ,u will inherit

House 9 Leo - is psychic and is interested in the occult. overseas cruises will happen in later part of your life

House 10 Virgo - try agricultural field in any job capacity, clerical or alternative forms of healing

House 11 Libra - is very secretive about his/her hopes and has many friends

House 12 Scorpio - when you are jealous of another person or when you feels that another person is jealous of your achievements. that feeling of jealousy can sow discord in your life


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Hi Not_Storage. I think every chart shows an interesting story. I guess people with Sun in a fire sign in the first house are more likely to need to see their own chart as particularly interesting (this isn't a criticism) and to leave a footprint. Fire needs to feel significant - that an immortal contribution will be made to the world to cancel out the painful awareness of the fact that we are all food for worms. But anyway, I shared my sense of the stellium earlier in the thread, so I won't repeat stuff here.

I would look to a site like cafe astrology to get interpretations on the houses and on sign cusps on houses. Some of the interpretations given in the last post have no merit in my view, especially the pessimistic health-oriented ones (thankfully!) Sorry Stephen.


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House 1 - Personality , Temperament , Health (liability to disease) , Influences physical shape, Conditions of life/approach to life, First Impressions projected

House 2 - Monetary dealings, Relationship with your body, Responsibility, Rest and relaxation, Native's secret thoughts and desires, Values and what we stand for in life

House 3 - Communication, Short distance travel, Relationship with siblings, Business - buying and selling , Mental maturity, Friendship and acquaintances and neighbourhood

House 4 - Roots/childhood, Family or domestic life , Relationship with spouse and parent of opposite sex , Retirement years, The part of your personality that you keep private, Intellectual training , Your hidden self

House 5 - Romances and trysts, Children, Reproductive organs, Money gained from investments and speculation , Creativity

House 6 - Health and personal hygiene , Daily routine , Instincts, Sleep habits, Self help. Relationship with aunts and uncles

House 7 - Marriage/Divorce and conflicts with spouse, Relationship with grandparents, Friendships and relationships, Open enemies, Type of people you attract , What you lack

House 8 - Health/death, Shared resources, Inheritance, Spirituality , Secret and mysteries

House 9 - Long distance travel, Law religion and philosophical tenets, Mass communication, The higher mind

House 10 - Career path, What people say about you , Relationship with parent of same sex

House 11 - Acquaintances, What the world can do for you , The masses / house of luck/good fortune

House 12 - Subconscious mind, Hidden enemies, Repressed talents, Collective consciousness , Things beyond your control, Dustbin of life