Please I need some serious help or advice I beg of you.

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Hi there... :(

I hope you will give the time to try and help me if you can.

I am an extremely depressed person.

I feel like taking drugs or ending my life - I don't know which 1 I really want.

I don't know if it is my family that makes me so unhappy or bad relations to both parents and brother or my family.

I have no idea what could be wrong any more I am desperate to find answers.

I have tried so many different medications it is scary but none have ever helped me at all what so ever.

I posted years ago about some series issues like this or these and I am still extremely unhappy and suicidal or want to take heavy drugs to make me feel better.

My ex girlfriend did some numerology thing with my birth time and said she feels very sorry for me sort of laughing because I have a lot of 7's in my make up or sign of "purity" or something or Holy Number I don't really know.


Please can some one look at my info and try and help me out as to why I am so miserable I know you are not a "miracle worker" but I don't care any help is better than no help.

Always :-(

Please help me I want to be living again and not something else feeling like this stuck between this world and the next / other or wanting to die.

That is my chart thing.


Is it the ******* huge pisces influence?

Or is it problems with family - mom and dad or bad relationships with them or just 1?

Is it because words hurt me more than anything else?

Please help.

Thank you - and no you are not a miracle worker and thank you fgor reading this,,



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please get some help outside the Forum


Please get some help outside the Forum. You need to talk to someone either family, friends, a doctor, someone "real". If not in person, then at least by phone. And if not that, please try a suicide chatroom. I'm now closing this suicide thread, according to Forum policy.

Suggesting outside help,


These suicide sites were suggested by Forum members:
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