Please Help, will be homeless soon! Please read my Horoscope for me.?


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Please Help, will be homeless soon! I have a little girl 2 years old. please help.

Western Section of this web site suggested that I will get a more accurate reading on my crisis on the vedic side.

I lost my job 8 months ago ago. Since then I have not being able to find a job. I have no money. I will get kicked out of my place soon. Someone read my future for me and told me soon things will turn up to be fine. But he did not give me details ?. If someone could tell me in detail whats going on and when things will smooth out that will be some hope to go on. My birth time is 1.02 pm 1974 February 19th. 07°18'N 80°43'E.

Please,please help. I am someone who believe in Horoscopes. If its positive or negative please let me know so I could plan the future out without waiting for the right job to come.

I have a little girl she is 2 years old and I have to take care of her. Please help me.
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made your total horoscope, found that, u have risk from FIRE, SO BE CAREFUL..check whether the lower part of ur body is thin or not, and upper part of ur body is comparatively fat/big or not..

for job, u may do the remedies given for JUPITER,

1..Keep a yellow Hanky..
2..use the bed and clothes which father has used..
3.. water the Peepal tree..

after 3 months u may be glowing in success..


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dug I will do a solar return chart for you based on this yr and next year. Just give me till later tonight you seem to not be getting the help you want so maybe I can shed a bit of light.


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Thank You Mr Retinoid,

Dear Sir, Thank you very much. If you let me know the time line and the out come I could act accordingly. I am fearful for my future. Will I ever not be able to achieve what I was before?

Thank you


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Okay so this is for the year of february 20 2012-february 18 2013.

This time period a major theme in your life will be career and placement in the world (10th house objectives).
You should be able to find ways to make money however money may go out fast as well (through expenses or spending) and the job/jobs you take on may not make you too happy with your life direction.
Your home/home life will encounter some difficulties with Saturn there. Doesn't necessarily denote homelessness, but it denotes that perhaps you won't like it or would rather be somewhere else. You can read more in depth (saturn in 4th house) however this is just for the year.
Watch out for any health problems. Should take care of your health this year. Getting plenty of sleep, exercise and eating well. meditate if extremely stressed.
You should have the energy and drive to work well in any work you take up this year.

The work this year should help you decide what you want to do in your career direction (or what not to do :) ). That is a big focus this year and you may be able to get a lead on what you should do or want to do with your 'career' through the work you take up.

Another focus is your relationships...specifically intimate relationships. Perhaps you will travel a bit in connection with this? If travel is possible for you. Traveling or religion will help you with your emotions this year and your relationships. Your career focus and emotions may not be totally in line however.

Even though you may not be too satisfied with your home this year, you will be laying down the foundations for a home and home life for the future. You have the structure of saturn combined with the imagination of neptune, both working together to help you plan out a home life that you want.

This year there will be some troubles. But I do see you getting work. But more importantly I see that you are really thinking and perhaps planning for your career direction and home direction.


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Dear Selfless.

do You see y condition improving any soon? Please help me. I still haven't being able to find employment.