Please help where is my missing key?


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I hope whoever reading this is having a great day

I am wondering if anyone can help me to interpret this chart of my missing key that I lost on Saturday night. I have since spent days retracing my steps, checking everywhere possible and even asking people to help look, asked around if anyone has seen it or can keep an eye out for it, but still no luck unfortunately

This is a work key and I have until tomorrow to find it or else I will have to pay around £700 GPG to replace the whole lock system so any help honestly would be much appreciated

Thank you


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Thre are 3 testimonies it will be found!
Ruler, Sun, is in angular house means the lost object is where it ought to be: nearby, quick and easy to find. Look at places near a door, window, gate or in a box or package which is about to be moved.
Sun is in Li sign so look in a bedroom, music room, studio, dressing room, upper level room, cabinets, dressing table, wardrobe, luxurious furniture (especially cushioned), jewelry box or make-up box, top drawers of a chest, top piece of furniture, room where you may find objects of fine art, linen closet, on a shelf, among your partner’s belongings, under a bed, or with hobby supplies or in an attic, guest room.
Ruler in 4 house means to look at home, in the kitchen, pantry or basement. In a safe, secure place. Maybe at parent's home. Any place where food is stored. Restaurants. Father's room. Where food is kept, old peoples home. Informal room.

Direction: North
Near colour: gold, yellow, orange, red, purple

POF is in Leo sign so it can be in a sun porch, a room in a house where you have more windows, play room, living room, room where children spend time playing, room or place lacking orderliness, place where gold plated articles are kept, room or places belonging to your children, room with expensive furnishings, a toy chest, pool and game room, children's bedroom. Near some source of heat or at showy, glamorous places.

POF is in 2nd house means to look at kitchen, storeroom or larder, cloakroom or wardrobe, room next to the entrance. Or where money or precious things are kept; in the bank or vault or safety deposit box. Banks, vaults, where valuables are kept.

Direction: north by east
Near colour: gold, orange, yellow, red, bright colors, pink