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Dear All,

I wanted to know about the marriage details of my cousin
Her name is divya and i really wanted to know about her marriage details...
Will it be a arrange or love?
When she will get married
Details about her future husband?
Any Complications in her chart related to marriage?

Her details are as follows:
Name: Divya (female)
D.O.B. : 02-02-1985
Time: 15:15

Her chart is attached here:

Please do help us and oblige us with your kind efforts.


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there are difficulties as jupiter the 7th lord is in the 8th debilated, moon of the 2nd for family negates to the first, while mars of the 11th for fulfillment of life goals and friendships negates into the 10th.

however, the conjunction of jupiter-mercury of the 1/7 axis while mars/venus form the romantic combination venus elevated in pisces, while rahu in the 11th for friendships could cause a marriage with a foreigner/other race and gains thereby as a possibility. it may however be noted that mars/venus are in uttarabadhra the star of saturn which could cause delay while rahu is in krittika the star of the enemy sun while sun is in the 8th capricorn enemy saturn's sign aspected by saturn from the 6th in inimical scorpio.

currently jupiter is transit pisces over the romantic mars/venus as lord of the 7th house for marriage promoting a relationship these months while venus belongs to the creative/romantic 5th house libra but lord jupiter is debilated in the 8th, while jupiter transit natal rahu in the 11th house while jupiter aspects his own house sagittarius the 7th could materialise the marriage probably first quarter 2012.

with ascendant mercury in the 8th could herself have health problems, could be scholarly but not able to make up financially - finance could grow gradually with debilated jupiter making an elevated aspect to his own sign cancer in the 2nd for family and finances, while also could promote a family gradually ie marriage. with saturn as lord of the 9th in the 6th in inimical scorpio life could be a struggle luck not supportive and needing lot of efforts while could have opponents in life to overcome with difficulty.

saturn as lord of the 8th in the 6th and aspecting his own capricorn suggests vipreet yoga that is success amidst adversity while sun as lord of the 3rd for initiative and courage too is in the 8th.

jupiter as 9th lord in the 8th and debilated suggests sickness of the spouse - could be an ambitious, sporty, optimistic, ethical person but conservative in approach jupiter having moved to capricorn, may speak less but effectively and impressively and could have financial difficulties with saturn having moved to scorpio, and could earn with difficulty in foreign countries.

the native herself with moon in gemini suggests an intellectual analytical profile while could get confused being a dual sign, could have aptitude for music while mars/venus too are in the 10th with elevated venus in the 10th with artistic abilities like acting etc. could also have good aptitude for finance as a subject while mars is the lord of the 11th for gains. may like to operate in a secretive/investigative environment using intellectual analytical skills and overcoming opponents on a tough terrain - CBI/CID/forensic department/social or financial research etc. artistic and scholarly but making sudden gains with difficulty under tough adverse circumstances.

hope these random generic observations help with something to pick up based on ground realities.

wishing well,



Thank you very much sir.
I am really thankful that you took out your valuable time to answer us. I am really obliged with your kind gesture.
I just wanted to ask something more Sir.
As you had mentioned that
"currently jupiter is transit pisces over the romantic mars/venus as lord of the 7th house for marriage promoting a relationship these months"
and then you wrote that marriage may took place in early 2012.
So i just wanted to ask that since my cousin is also going through a romantic phase these months and love somebody very much, so is it likely that her marriage will take place with that person?


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thanks for the feedback,

so the trend is positive as you indicate.

rahu in the 11th could suggest a non-arranged marriage, but may have to wait till jupiter the priest touches rahu in the 11th much later - while the story emerges now. may be one could be hopeful.

currently jupiter is aspecting the 2nd house for marriage and saturn the 9th lord for luck - while transiting venus in jupiter's house while venus is the lord of the 5th house for romance and the coveted partner and rahu with liasion skills transits the 7th house for marriage - hence a chance of marriage by April 2011 too, hopefully so. may be arranged marriage as mars of the 11th for friendships negates into the 10th although could be good for career.

may have to watch and wait hoping for the best,



Dear sir,
It means u want to say that by april 2011 she may get arrange marriage?
Also u say that love marriage is also piossible...
Actually i tell you the real strory sir..
She loves a guy very much and they both want to marry each other. but this is not known to our family as the boy belongs to a different caste. Thats why we are interested in knowing details regarding the marriage of my cousin.
Sir i would also request you to give slightly more explanations of the astrological information you wrote because since in our family no body is an astrologer, so it becomes slightly difficult for us to understand the astrological language.
I would highly appreciuate if u could give little more explanations. I know it will waste lot of your time, but sir, we really will be indebted to you for your valuable and kind gestures.


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mars-venus are lords of 5/11 for romance and friendships while venus is elevated and jupiter is transiting - hence i said good chance of marriage by April.

jupiter is aspecting his elevated sign cancer the 2nd house of family - hence chance of an arranged marriage, may be parents will co-operate ultimately.

however, saturn is transiting the 4th house for domestic peace also being 4th from the moon - while jupiter-saturn in transit are in opposition, hence chance of some differences in the family while the ground could probably laid ready to undergo the stress.

jupiter moving to the 11th house towards rahu for other castes there while jupiter aspects own 7th house for marriage while also makes a 10th aspect to cancer in the 2nd house for family - hence things could gradually take shape later as jupiter proceeds towards rahu for foreigners/other races and gains through them.

hence a positive trend starting now with a good chance especially when rahu is transit the 7th house for marriage suggesting foreigner/other race but accompanied by stress too perhaps with the planets opposing and squaring each other - or could wait after April may be when jupiter in the 11th would be free from the opposition of saturn in the 4th transit and the rahu square, things materialising first quarter 2012 may be with family support jupiter aspecting cancer the 2nd house turning into an arranged marriage possibly.

this is my attempted opinion and could initiate things based on ground realities while the trends seem positive for romance and marriage now and later into 2011/2012.

hope this helps reflect further,

wishing All is Well,


ps : could ignore the astrological logics while looking for what you want from the reading - mentioning the logics facilitates making the reading and could act as reference point to check later or take further opinion.


Sir, I am so glad and highly obliged by seeing your helping attitude towards an unknown person...
I am really really thankful to you for your gracious support..

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year... :)