Please help me

Rahu in 7th house and venus exalted

Hi, my dob: april 15, 1992, 11:05am, place:vijayawada, india

my family is searching for matches and everything just gets rejected/not workin due to some reason.

i also have rahu in 7th house. can someone please read my chart and tell me when will i get married? how will my spouse will be? and married life? please tell if my chart is good for overall.



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hope this helps understand, hope will care to share
pointwise feedbacks how true-insightful-helpful;

sag 7th badhaka for gemini asc,
stress-delays in vocation-marriage,
jup leo aspect sag, protective-supportive of marriage;
rahu 7th, foreign travels and foreign relationships,
delayed marriage, toxic abdominal issues;
light mustard oil lamp thurs mornings;

Sat-ketu now 1.5yr transit badhaka sag,
pain-injury-surgery abdominals-thighs etc;
detachment from relationship/matches;

natal ketu gemini first,
hyper-analytical, attention catching looks;
pain-injury-surgery head-chest etc;
recite Ganesha Atharvasheersam regularly;

jup now again direct/margi scorpio 6th since Aug 11th,
trine elevated aspect cancer 2nd for family-finances,
trine mer-venus pisces 10th for career,
venus for relationship/marriage,
which may be possible the months ahead to watch for;

mer-venus lords 1/5 and 4/5 for prosperity,
venus elevated, debilation of mer cancelled,
gradual improvements in career etc,
wear green emerald over mer finger;

mars significant for marriage-husband over acq 9th,
technical aptitudes, innovative; mars lord 11th for gains;
mars enemy sign acq,
mars lord 6th over 9th, extra efforts towards luck;
may perform japa for mars,
recite hanuman chalisa regularly;
jup-mars opp good for project management;

lords 1/7 mer-jup over pisces-leo, 6/8, friendly signs,
sweet differences/conflicts in marriage to note;
jup leo commanding attitude, advisory roles;
prayers to saint of faith, light cow ghee deepam daily mornings;
jup lord 7th over 3rd, match could be from known circles;

jup trine sun elevated aries 11th, gains from
govt-corporates-social elite-managerial roles-writings-siblings;

sat lord 9th negating to 8th, negating luck-education;
sat own cap 8th, success amidst adversity;
chronic urological-knee-health issues;
good for long life and insurance, mining/excavations, etc;
observe fast on saturdays;
donate 1.25kg whole black uraddal at Kali temple sat after sunset;

do promptly ack and share pointwise feedbacks per return,
how true-untrue etc etc

wishing well, hope jup trine mer-venus helps months ahead,
while care for sat-ketu transit badhaka sag 7th,

wishing well, kshantaram

ps : being an Indian, wonder why post charts without planetary degrees
and balance of mahadasa at time of birth, for ready ref,
especially when chart being considered for coveted marriage;

Moon virgo compatible with moons virgo, taurus, gemini, libra,