Please HELP : 2 year son going through lot

My son DOB is 12/02/2004 time 15:50 , ottawa Canada.Since last september he admitted to hospital twice due to pneumonia.Doctor run several test ,but unable to find cause. he now choke when drink thin liquid which according to doctor is starnge,since he never choke on solid food.Sorry for medical history, but now now doctor wants to go through MRI, which scares me. He also thinks that he has 'lazy eye'. I am really very very scared.Can some body look at his chart and advice. It urgent, please help


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Hi Taurussaggi,

My son DOB is 12/02/2004 time 15:50

You know, I think there is little information that can be gleaned from just the data alone without anything to compare it to.

In any case here is the chart:

Do you know the dates at which he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia in the past, that way, it might be possible to determine what in his chart was being triggered when these events occured? The time as well would be a great help, if you don't know the times, thats not such a big deal.

doctor wants to go through MRI

What is an MRI?

He also thinks that he has 'lazy eye'.

Don't worry about this, a lot of kids can have this, and it's just a weakness of the muscle at the back of the eye. It can be sorted out quite quite easily, but usually involves the child wearing an eye patch. A lot of the time, even if this doesn't occur, the child will grow out of it anyway, Don't worry about this.

Hopefully someone will be able to come along and give you some advice on the chart.

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