Please, composite to natal questions!


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I cant seem to find a interpretation for the following (these are for the composite with someones natal chart):

- What does it mean to have a composite moon fall in a persons natal 7th house? (the composite moon is also in the composite 7th house)

- What is the meaning of someones natal venus being conjunct the composite sun?

- Composite sun in natal first house?

(then I have composite venus conjunct mars and both conjunct natal sun - i think this is what is driving me nuts about someone, their natal sun is also in my 7th house and their natal moon in my 1st... yes, im this person REALLY has an effect on me for YEARS.. our synastry is horrible though, TONS of aspects with small orbs but most are challenging)


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We dont use composite aspects with natal aspects as the composite is already the combination of the natal aspects and we dont double up on those. It is like a repeat....Doesnt work.
If one has a natal aspect that happens to show up in the composite, that person can deal with it better as it is familiar.


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Hmmm...I'd worked under the idea that if one's planets aspected (at least by way of conjunction) any points in the composite, then it effectively amplified the effects of that aspect for the individual. My thought being that the person on the aspect is affected more by it than the person not on it. A proximity thing.....I don't think this is making sense, lol. stupid neptune in the 3rd. haha:lol:


aspect from natal to composite can elucidate the dynamics between you very well.

but picking out a few aspects to judge the whole on,is limited in value.the entire composite needs to ne considered.