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Songs for my Brothers and Sisters with the OWS in L.A.
Power to the People!
Keep the Faith!

Canned Heat ~ - "Sic 'Em Pigs"

Canned Heat ~ "Long Way From L.A"

Jefferson Airplane ~ "Volunteers"

"Volunteers" ~ Jefferson Airplane [Live at Woodstock 1969]

Arlo Guthrie - "Coming Into Los Angeles" (live '69)

Buffalo Springfield ~ "For What Its Worth"
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A while ago, just when I was discovering and listening to Fairport Convention, you posted one of their songs on the board (one of the songs I was regularly listening to!) with perfect timing. I noticed, but said nothing.

Now, just when I'm discovering Pentangle, here you go again (how do you do it?), however not with a song I've heard before. That was really beautiful, the whole song and video. Thanks so much for posting it. :joyful:

While having not yet truly discovered Pentangle (until maybe just now), I have been entertaining a minor sensation over Bert Jansch as a solo artist, who I became aware of just after he died, apparently...

This one is pretty lo-fi, but it's nice to just hear him play,

Bert Jansch - Chambertin

And, I find myself lost for words on this one...

Bert Jansch - Kingfisher
...well...gee, thanks.
You might enjoy this...some solo...[from one that departed waaaaaay too young]

"Whispering Grass" by Sandy Denny

Btw...I really enjoyed the Jansch

...try some of PWC...if you've not heard it before...
Paul Winter Consort: "Icarus"
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Old Hillbilly Hippie music...[Kosher Style].....

David Bromberg - "The New Lee Highway Blues"

David Bromberg - "Statesboro Blues / Church Bell Blues"

some of ye 'Old Worlders' might reckonize this tune....
David Bromberg - "Yankee's Revenge" (medley)


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Angels & Airwaves-Dry Your Eyes
+44- Weatherman
Travis Barker feat. Kid Cudi- Cool Head
Die Antwoord-Dagga Puff
Black Eyed Peas-Don't Stop the Party
Kings of Leon-The Face

Earth Sign

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I don't know what it is about music performed alone, without accompaniment, but something about it seems so pure and unspoiled.

John Fahey - The Yellow Princess

John Fahey - America

After listening to these albums for a while, other music started to bother me, what with all the other instruments going on at once, heh.

That goes for the voice, too. Just heard this one... a bit long, but simply spellbinding.

Anne Briggs - Young Tambling