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Earth Sign

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I'm pretty sure he wrote that song. The liner notes are not in my language, but there isn't any indication other songwriters. If you figure out what it reminds you of, though, I'd like to hear it. :happy: --but not if it's Ted Nugent, hah!


In the meantime, I have a new favorite artist. I'm probably going to post more of his songs in the future, but I gotta get this one out of the way first. I love it very much.

Tim Buckley - Driftin' (Live)



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I was asked, only the other day...''How do you know they're lying. What makes you so sure?"
"Because, their lips are moving." I said.

Paul Rodgers and Buddy Guy "Muddy Water Blues "
....Buddy plays the 'Muddy'...

...and the electric version...[a little plug]
Paul Rodgers - "Muddy Water Blues"

...from the same fact, there isn't a bad cut on it...
Paul Rodgers - "Louisiana Blues"

...oh sweeeeet serendipity...I never heard this particular version before...[not of the album above...]
Paul Rodgers - "Feel Like Making Love" (Rare DJ Only Promo)

PS sho' 'nuff...knock u out...
Paul Rodgers & Jeff Beck - "Catfish Blues"
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When I was a kid my Dad had a pinball machine like this one. I loved it. Thought it was amazing. Stared at it for hours.

Pinball Wizard (The Who Woodstock 1969)


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D*** SKIPPY...!

The Swellers: "His Name Is Robert Paulson"

................~ AND ~..........................

The Swellers: "Zombie Pirates From Outer Space"

The Swellers - "Do You Feel Better Yet ?"

‎ ya now?........well....Do Ya .....PUNK....!!!!....?????

...well then.........this one's for you.........
The Swellers - "Stars"
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...I like this band a, if you do too so's a couple of more I recommend.

The Swellers - "Feet First"

[as I play this as loud as possible right before the noise curfew at my apt. building...and I can feel my neighbor downstairs squirm...]

"It's been a long time,
but I'm here.
I'm keeping your heart pumping.
'Cause all the bad guys in your life,
they never taught you nothing.

And all the bad dreams that you had,
I thought they'd amount to something.
You've stuck around,
but now it's your time to get out.

And don't fall,
don't fall asleep tonight.
Because I,
I won't fall asleep tonight.
Not tonight.
And don't fall,
don't fall asleep tonight.
I won't let you fall...."

The Swellers - "Sleeper"


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I meant to add this to the Kinks list above the other for Wall Street

a fav.

The Kinks - "Living on a Thin Line"

...and since I'm here anyways ....


a lil' bit...



R L Burnside - "Its Bad You Know"

R.L. Burnside - "Let My Baby Ride"

RL Burnside - "Shuck Dub"

R. L. Burnside - "Everything Is Broken"

R.L.Burnside & Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Shake'em On Down" [HQ]

...convicted of murder and then released for WWII ~ as he was needed in the fields...he thus was paroled...and what he said about the man he many years ago. "I just shot him. It was up to the Lord if he died or not."


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John Frusciante - Unreachable

I listen to this song so often that it's passed the threshold of what's considered obsessive behavior.

From the album The Empyrean [2009].
The word Empyrean means "the highest point in Heaven".
I would recommend listening to the whole album at a moderately high volume, while in a comfortable room with low lights.