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Because I still have an obnoxious bone in my body, I blasted this during today's drive through the city. Gotta blow out my eardrums somehow.


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People tell me it's a sin
To know and feel too much within
I still believe she was my twin but I lost the ring
She was born in spring
But I was born too late
Blame it on a simple twist of fate



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A song titled "Victim of Circumstance", from the album, "Love is Today", a cd released, in 2009, by the Alan Craig Project, of which I am very fond it is so appropriate to being a "blanket answer" [covers any question] to the many situations I have been involved with, face to face, over the, nearly, 70 years of my life to date. Alan also happens to be a first cousin, on my mother's side [the Huff/Hough family. Though he is many years younger than I, his elder half brother, Richard, also a son of my aunt, was as close to me as if he were my elder brother, now long departed {March 2002, 51 years and a month] Our mothers were sisters, refugees from the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma in the 1930's. Our two families were practically as one the first 18 years of my life.] and Alan was born blessed with such an abundance of musical talent that if but just a small fraction of it were mine I would be content beyond my dreams, He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist himself. and also has a talent for song writing and has a singing voice that doesn't sound like mine, i.e. as like the sound of "geese farts on a foggy morning" [with an apology to Leo Kotke for stealing his description of his own singing voice. My singing voice actually sounds like wet, raspy, geese farts in a foggy marshland, and through a torn speaker, with excessive treble, but it was far simpler just to borrow Leo Kotke's personal description.]
Please give my cousin Alan's song a listen. Accompanying him is long time friend, since their teens, Charlie Morris, noted author, and accomplished musician in his own right, described as a Bluesman, a Folkie, a storyteller and an activist. He’s played in 13 countries and 13 US states, and has released 13 albums of his own original music. Ross Rice, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer [and also past member of, the band known as, Human Radio] and in addition, there is, esteemed guitarist/engineer George Harris (Greg Billings Band, Soupbone and many more), and "A-list drummer Dave Reinhardt", his three released albums , to date [i.e. up to 2016] have included guest performances from legendary keysman Garth Hudson (The Band), percussionist Gumbi Ortiz (Al DiMeola), Grammy award-winning bassist Manny Yanes (Nutria, Patti LaBelle, too many to list), Blind Pig recording artist Damon Fowler, renowned harmonicist, TC Carr, and "a conga line of regional veterans, each with their own impressive accomplishments".
If you like it give it a thumbs up, if you will? If you find it to your liking, then you might also be interested in some of the tunes from his other two albums as well as what else there is from "Love Is Today". He's been a little "down in the dumps" lately, due to personal loss, and a bit of tragedy, and can surely use a bit of "Love Today" himself... or a few (y) likes will suffice just as well, too.
Thank you for your time and consideration. ptv P.S. He is an Aquarius, by the Tropical Zodiac, born on a January 7th...which also just happens to be the day my grand nephew was born, and the day on which my mother passed...something about that day...oh, yeah, It is known as the Day of Epiphany too... almost forgot that one.... something happened the day before, on a Jan 6th, but rather more recently, but I can't recall what it was alleged to have been... it mustn't have been something to take all that serious then, anyways.... 'ya think?
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