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"Losing my Religion" REM

from 1969 "Reflections of my Life"

This one takes me back to the most poignant and drastic time in my life. - I did end up changing EVERYTHING from this point on...Watching Dolly Parton bio the other day, apparently she too had a kind of breakdown in 1982, another Capricorn Sun around my age. Must have been a Uranian event. I don't like to "go back" in time.
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From the hit cable tv series, "Better Call Saul" [a spin-off from the series, "Braking Bad", which I quit watching in the 4th season as I couldn't stand it any longer...the continuous drama of frustration and ineptitude] ...and man, I just so dig this show, just finished watching season 5 and can hardly wait until season 6, the final season, begins next year. It's Saul Goodman, ...
Here's the theme song, complete, with lyrics ... I was surprised to find that it has been recorded as such.
I want the intro for a ringtone, myself.

"Better Call Saul" by Little Barrie