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The Smashing Pumpkins - Today

Brilliant song and video. I feel like this video does a spectacular job of visualizing the stage of depression where you've so reached the end of the line that you've stopped giving any ****s whatsoever. You could live or die, it really doesn't matter. There's almost a sense of detachment due to sheer exhaustion, in fact there's almost a sense of ecstasy


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I could write an essay about this song. Probably posted it before but oh well. Beautifully written song about the breakdown of a relationship

' knew the hand of the devil, and you kept us awake with wolf's teeth, sharing different heartbeats in one night'

'One night of magic rush, the start a simple touch,
one night to push and scream, and then relief'
-I love this part because it portrays the meaninglessness of the sex that reveals itself after the magic of a first meeting, all it is is pushing and screaming and going through the motions

live version

The Knife(Fever Ray and her brother) - Heartbeats
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