Platonic Solid Ceramic Art


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Hi,Here are a few of the Astrological inspired Ceramic containers and bowls that i make by hand,These Ceramic Art Items are made from Earthenware clay and glazed with White Tin Glaze coloured with Copper oxide(Green) and Cobalt Carbonate(Blue).
The 1st object is a small container Icosahedron with a triangular lid.
The 2nd object is a bowl with 5 feet, 1/2 a Icosedodecahedron.
The 3rd object is container with pentagonal opening, Icosedodecahedron.
The 4th object is a large bowl,1/2 a Truncated Icosahedron.
Sorry having problems linking pictures,will try again later(when im not pulling my hair out:) )
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