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What planets rule what parts of the body? I've heard the sun rules the heart...what are some of the others?

Also, do squares and oppositions to a planet mean a person should watch the health in the part of the body the planet rules?


Libra dragon


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Libra Dragon,

Hi and very cool name!

1. ARIES/MARS = Head, face, skull, musclar system, sense of taste.

2. TAURUS/VENUS = Neck, vertebra in neck, throat, tonsils, vocal cords, lower jaw.

3. GEMINI/MERCURY = Lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, central nervous system, mouth, tongue, sense of sight.

4. CANCER/MOON = Stomach, breasts, fluids, lymphatic system.

5. LEO/SUN = Heart, sides and upper portions of back, vitality.

6. VIRGO/CHIRON = Bowels, solar plexus, digestive tract.

7. LIBRA/VENUS = Kidneys, ovaries, lower back, urinary tract.

8. SCORPIO/PLUTO = Sex organs, elimination, bladder, transformational processes.

9. SAGITTARIUS/JUPITER = Liver and condition of the blood, hip joints, sciatic, thighs, arteries and veins.

10. CAPRICORN/SATURN = Skeletal system, skin, teeth, knees, spleen, sense of hearing.

11. AQUARIUS/URANUS = Calves, ankles, distribution of bodily fluids and circulation, intuitive intellect.

12. PISCES/NEPTUNE = Feet, toes, bodily liquids-fluids, lymphatic system, endocrine system, psychic faculties.


Is Virgo officially ruled by Chiron now? Last I heard it was under...I think mercury? But it was under possible consideration for change.

Also, what is "intuitive intellect?"


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Composite chart and health


In my opinion, health is an issue for one person. A composite chart is a chart of two people. So health issues would not apply in a composite chart.




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I don't know about "official" as to Chiron ruling Virgo. I think it's still an individual choice by astrologers and many will continue using Mercury as the old ruler. Personally I use Chiron as the ruler of Virgo because it makes more sense to me. But, again, use whichever Planet you feel the most comfortable with. We astrologers are at that point again like when Uranus, Neptune and Pluto was discovered and these new archetypes got added to the zodiac/human consciousness.

"Intuitive intellect" in connection with Aquarius/Uranus.........Ever heard of 'higher octives'? Uranus is the 'higher octive' of Mercury.

Gemini/Mercury deals with our ordinary intellect and mental processes. The abilite to perceive physical reality in general. It sees, thinks, takes in, learns from all that it perceives through perception, speaking, writing, listening etc. etc.

Aquarius/Uranus deals with this same sort of thing but at a higher, faster, less dense physical level of awareness. Uranus is the 'higher octive' of Mercury. What this means is that Uranus does much the same as what Mercury does but at a different level of consciousness!

Uranus deals with unordinary perceptive processes such as our natural abilitiy to perceive using our 'intuitive intellect. Its a higher aspect of 'mind' than Mercury. It can 'see' into the invisible (in a completely different way than Pisces/Neptune does however) higher realms where we just KNOW. We understand from a place of expanded knowing that is also called 'Clairsentience' = Clear Knowing.

"Mercury rules those things which describe a picture or place, but Uranus rules the things which TAKE you there. Mercury represents KNOWLEDGE we acqire through present conditions; Uranus represents accumulated WISDOM gained through previous experiences manifesting as intuition. Mercury is the learner; Uranus is the knower. They are natural complements of which Uranus is the higher octave. Mercury rules sight; Uranus rules clairvoyance."

Venus and Neptune work the same way. Neptune is the 'higher octive' of Venus. Briefly, Venus deals with the sense of touch, tactile ability, and the sense of feeling. Neptune being the higher octive of Venus, deals with FEELING but from a Spiritual level, a Cosmic, Divine, Mystical, Ecstatic level. Making contact and 'feeling' God/Goddess or The All That Is etc. etc.


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kyle8921 said:
I thought Aquarius ruled the eyes also?

No, I'm pretty sure.

Mercury rules normal sight but Uranus rules higher 'sight' such as Clairvoyance = Clear Vision.

Layers and layers of levels of reality. We are multidimensional beings and we have the 'tools' to see, hear, sense, know, join with, on all of them! :wink: The 'Outer Planets' from Chiron out to Pluto deal mainly with these higher, faster, less dense abilities or senses we all have.


Lapis - Thanks for that very detailed reply!

I didn't know the planets were connected to each other in that way - I thought Uranus was just the "Weird planet."

But what I don't get is why, as a person with a huge aquarius/pisces thing going, I have no psychic/intuitive/clairevoyant/anything capacity at all? Is it just that the wrong parts of my chart are in these areas? Or is it because the leaning is towards these signs, but niether neptune nor uranus is in a particularly useful position?

If it helps, :

my chart


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Saturn as restriction


You asked:
...why, as a person with a huge aquarius/pisces thing going, I have no psychic/intuitive/clairevoyant/anything capacity at all?

I think that with Saturn (duty, also restriction, structure) conjunct (energy is combined with) Midheaven (outer world), it may be difficult for you to open up to energies that have no "structure" to them. Perhaps when you DO begin to "open up" to them, the Saturn energy "clamps down" and "shuts them off". The first step to opening up to these energies is to stop saying "I DON'T have these energies" and instead spend your time trying to FIND these energies. One start might be practicing prolonged meditation and/or wordless contemplation.




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You're right, Uranus IS just "the Weird Planet!" That was great! :lol:

I agree with what wilsontc said but I'll add a couple of other things. I had a quick peek at your Natal and with 5 planets in your 12th I'm surprised that you aren't bombarded by 'stuff' from the 'Unseen' anyway! There are quite a few things that look to me like you'd be rather open - intuitive, psychic sensitivities, ect.

One thing that jumped out at me was your Nodes. North Node in Taurus/South in Scorpio conjunct Pluto also in Scorpio. I'd read this as you've already developed many of these type abiliities in past lives (S. Node in Scorpio) and conjunct Pluto sort of hints that maybe in this life you aren't supposed to focus on these abilities so strongly. Maybe some old karma being worked on this time around. The focus is at the Taurus end now and dealing with those energies instead of the Scorpio stuff.

I too have a Mars/Saturn conjunction (in different Signs and House however) but these 2 huggin' each other is like popping the clutch in a car all the time!!! :wink: Go stop, go stop......and they're in Sag so this draws in 'religious' and spiritual beliefs etc. If you believe that you can't connect with your other finer senses (like ESP 'senses') then you won't! Check out any personal belief systems about this. It may reveal interesting things.

Also Neptune in Capricorn is grounding all of the etheric and also Chiron in Gemini indicates much of all this (plus all that Aquarian AIR) is very mental for you now. That Moon at 1 Pisces and Pisces ASC helps balance the mind with emotion or vice versa.


Thanks for the replies,Wilsontc and Lapis!

I get what you're saying about "If you aren't open to it, you won't get it," but I really don't think that applies to me. The thing is, while I believe that things should have some kind of evidence if one is to believe in them, I really, really want to believe in everything - telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, ghosts, astrology - all of it. That said, thus far, Astrology and synchronicity are the only things I've observed. I was thrilled to find out about some experiments that support very weak precognition, telekinesis, as well as astral projection, but I've had no personal experiences with anything like this at all, despite many attempts.

Thanks again to both of you for looking into my chart. It's all a bit confusing. It seems the whole thing says "airy/spiritual/floaty" and then something like neptune just nails it fast to the ground so nothing goes anywhere, or something. Still, thanks again!


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Wow... you say you have Pisces and Aquarius mainly in your chart? AND you WANT to believe in everything, but sometimes you just can't?

That's the SAME way I feel! I've got Aquarius rising and Sun in Pisces/Aquarius...

Anywho, I've got slight scoliosis, a spinal disease in the upper back. I've got Leo descending. Any relation?


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sawhite said:
is the uterus pluto's or venus' job?


Good question! I believe, and anyone please help us out with this one, that the uterus would be strongly connected to Libra/Venus like the ovaries are. More internal whereas Pluto is more external but I may be wrong.


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Wouldn't the uterus come under the moon? Afterall, it is a vessel for nuturing! Or would that just be the placenta?


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Hey you guys,

I was browsing through old threads and noticed a post Elianah had written a while before under the title "The Astrology of Leg Cramps". I think it's interestingly related to this thread.

Elianah said:
No, this isn't a medical question. It is an observation on how transiting planets can affect the physical to get you to think about what you are supposed to be working on to keep evolving.

Anyway, on Tuesday morning I woke up with the gastrocnemius muscles in both legs tighter than a tightly wound spring. The gastrocnemius muscle is the superficial muscle in the rear of the calf (between the knee and ankle— the Achilles tendon connects it to the ankle joint). It felt like I had been race walking for days. And the tightness stayed through Thursday. It was finally gone Friday morning.

Now, it had dawned on me sometime Wednesday that, duh , transiting Uranus was probably back to squaring my ASC. Part of the mystery solved. The other duh moment came yesterday when I realized that ole man transiting Saturn was trining my ASC.

Now anyone who knows mythology can see where this is leading—a battle between Uranus and Saturn. Saturn castrated Uranus. Where is this tête et tête taking place? On my ASC. How to catch my attention? Saturn/Capricorn rules the knees and Uranus/Aquarius rules the ankles. The gastrocnemius muscle connects to the ankle joint via the Achilles tendon and the bottom of the femur bone of the thigh via other tendons, which makes part of the knee joint.

Retrograde square transiting Uranus is wanting me to go deep into my ASC to make radical changes regarding how my ASC projects my core into the world—I believe wanting a more unified, integrated relationship between my core and personality.

Uranus is the "keeper" of the personal unconscious and is wanting me to bring out those shadow aspects of myself that will lead me to being more of my unique self—to a point. If the changes make me too ugly to my core, those things will be hurled back into the personal unconscious, much like Ouranos (Uranus' Greek name) did when he imprisoned the Hecatonchires and Cyclopes in Tartarus, the bowels of Gaia. Only when the Titan Kronos (a.k.a. Saturn) castrated Ouranos were the other children freed from Gaia.

Saturn is the "keeper" of the public conscious and is trying to support the ASC in allowing the transformation of the ASC to take place, give it structure and a form that will assist the public in recognizing the integration of my core with my persona.

Transiting Saturn moves out of orb with my ASC and Uranus configuration just in time to conjunct my natal Uranus and then turns retrograde itself in order to make the ASC configuration again with Uranus direct in January that will lead into transiting Uranus inconjunct my natal Uranus starting in February.

Sounds like I am going to have to get used to leg cramps this winter. :sigh:

Cool, huh?