planets opposed a house cusp?


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I really never look much at this 'aspect' except for if a planet is opposed an angle. However an interesting research project I saw in another thread [ Pluto and trauma] pointed out a fascinating aspect.

Apparently, after looking at 100 serial killers, several patterns emerged. Two of the prominent features found in the killers were;

Saturn opposed the 12th house cusp

Sun opposed the 8th house cusp.

I would have never thought to even look at a planet opposed the 12th or 8th house cusp.
Essentially that is just the Sun at the beginning of the 2nd house, and /or Saturn at the beginning of the 6th.

Anyhow, here is a short excerpt.

from ;
Frequencies of Various Aspects in the Horoscopes of Murderers and Serial Killers vs. Those in a Control Group, Part Two [ astrology research journal]

The First chart belongs to Angelo Buono, one of the infamous "Hillside Stranglers." He and his cousin, Ken Bianchi, terrorized L.A. Buono had Saturn opposing the 12th house cusp and the aspect is less than two degrees from exact. He also had the Sun making an opposition aspect to the cusp of his 8th house. Other "indicators" (or rather what we are tentatively terming "indicators") in Buono's horoscope are: Mercury in Scorpio, Saturn in the 6th house, Uranus in the 8th house, Pluto in the 11th house, Mars in the 12th house, and Neptune in the 12th house (total: seven indicators).

The next example is Clarence Carvalho, a serial killer from Hawaii who killed two men. The third time he tried to kill, the victim survived and identified him. Once again Saturn is opposite the 12th house cusp. Other tentative indicators in Carvalho's horoscope are: Sun in conjunction aspect with Pluto, Mars in conjunction aspect with the Moon's North Node, Saturn in the 6th house, Jupiter in the 8th house, and Uranus in the 10th house (total: six indicators).


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Really interesting, katydid!

Do you know which house system was used? This should make a difference.

It also assumes a correct birth time.

I have merely dabbled in a couple of small-scale research projects of this nature. One thing that has to be determined is the basis upon which a "signature" has a higher frequency than would be due to random chance. Statistics are the principal way in which this could be determined.

Can you post the links?