Planetary Returns

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This thread will contain Articles about the return of planets to the place they were at the time of one's birth.

Solar Return, (which happens annually around your birthday.)

When planets return, by transit, to the place they were at one's time of birth,the aspects made by that planet in the Natal chart are triggered by the transit. For example: if you have say, Mars square Jupiter, whenever Mars conjuncts the natal mars by transit, that square to Jupiter will be *activated*.

Venus Return:

Lunar Return
The moon will return to your same place as your Natal moon once every month.

Saturn Return
Saturn takes 30 years or so to complete its circuit around the zodiac so events that occur around the age of 29-30, 58-59 and 80-81 will be of great significance to the native, depending on the strength and aspects to natal saturn.

Jupiter Return:
Around the ages of 12,24,36,48,60 etc, Jupiter will again transit the place it was at your birthtime.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will never return to their natal positions in the native's lifetime, due to the length of time it takes for them to complete their journey through the twelve signs.

Planetary returns can often be used for estimating the timing of key events in one's life.




A Solar Return chart is a chart made for only one year in the life. It is a very personal way to see how transits will relate to your natal chart and especially the personal planets give an important insight in how they work out this year.

Once you understand the basics of your birth chart interpretation, you can use the same technique on your Solar Return chart. The Solar Return chart is a chart drawn up for the exact time when your Sun makes its yearly return to the position it was on at your birth. So you have a different Solar Return chart every year, but the Sun is always at the same sign and degree. Solar Return charts can be created at under "Free Horoscopes" "Extended Chart Selection". (excerpt from Wilscontc)

A Solar Return chart should always be looked at in connection with your natal chart , at least according to my own experiences, because we want to see what our natal planets are doing this year and looking at their positions in the SR chart is one way doing that. Putting them on a 2-wheel chart is a good way of viewing them. Put the natal chart in the inner wheel. Use different colours (for the planets, highlight them by hand if you print it out) for both charts. Personally I draw a Solar Return chart, then also a Natal chart with the SR positions around the wheel. That way you can also keep an eye on the natal chart positions of planets.

Note:You can also view the Solar Return as a chart on its own, but it wont tell you as much as when you compare with the natal chart.

It is not easy to interprete a Solar Return chart because very often what we see in there, reflects the hopes and wishes of the individual and not necessary what will happen to him/her. That is also why we have to look at the birth potential. If the Solar Return shows a fantastic career move, but in the natal chart it is clearly seen that any career attempt is going to be non existent (when the woman is a mother rather than a career type) or when there is no fire present, nor any ambition to be seen (Cardinal mode), then we have to be careful. It could be a wish, not a reality.

We start by only looking at the Solar Return chart.

Begin by looking at the overview of the SR chart, just like you would do it for a natal chart.
If you have most planets in your natal chart above the horizon, but now all of a sudden most appear below the horizon in the SR chart, than this could show a year where you will tend to keep more to yourself, turn inwards and become more subjective.

When it is the opposite, then you could probably try to become more social or circumstances will force you to be more “public” this year.

When most planets fall on the Asc. side (east) of the SR chart, you might become more driven and action orientated. You will have more opportunities to do what you like without having to take too much into consideration what others might think or expect from you, which would not be so much the case when most planets would fall on the Desc. side (west).

which quadrant is most occupied in the Solar Return.
1-4 shows personal needs
5-8 shows much involvement with other people
9-12 could show a transpersonal time in your life, much thinking about your life, your wishes and hopes for the future and more time spend in private, necessary to think things over.
Next, where are most planets situated looking at the houses of the Solar Return chart?

Most planets in angular houses (1-4-7-10), comparible with the Cardinal quality/signs.Angular houses are always very strong andmuch action could take place, new projects and /or relationships could be started, in any case, mostly anything new undertaken.

Most planets in succedent houses (2-5-8-11) are comparable with the fixed quality (signs)and could show that what you have started at the beginning of the SR year, could be finished (“fixed”) or needs to be finished . Depending on the aspects, opportunities for growth are possible.

Most planets in cadent houses? (3-6-9-12), comparable with the Mutable quality/signs. Therefore it could be a year of change and mental activity. Adaptability is necessary and one could tend to start several things at the same time, unable to really concentrate on one thing at a time.

NOTE: Rising planets, especially natal planets which are in the rising side of the SR chart, and especially the one’s in the 1st house and close to the SR Asc. have a lot of power in this year.

It has also been seen, that natal planets positions in the Solar Return chart can have more impact in this year than Solar Return planets in the SR chart. Always look at both.

Lastly look at the Angles of your Solar Return chart.

Ascendant shows what you want, how you will express your personality.
MC Show what you will aim for and the IC how things could end.

See if they are Fixed,(wanting to stay the same) Cardinal( wanting to advance), or Mutable (wanting to change certain situations).


Cardinal Asc. and IC/MC Fixed: you could start something and end the year by completing what you wanted to do. The Cardinal energy could bring on an exciting and busy time, trying to get something done and the Fixed quality will help you to make it a finished (fixed) product or plan.
Fixed Asc. and Mutable IC/MC? Your conservative ideas or situations (fixed) might have to be changed or will undergo change (Mutability always shows changes with a great deal of activity indicated.
Mutable Asc. and Fixed IC/MC? Things you have not finished yet will need to be concluded . (mutable people have trouble to finish something they started). Try to accomplish something you started a while ago (if you think it is important of course) but listen to your own intuition, rather than to what others tell you.
Fixed Asc. and Cardinal IC/MC: You could expand or update established, (maybe oldfashioned) ideas and . Maybe now is the time to do what you actually wanted to do for a long time and take action (Cardinal attitude)

Intercepted signs and planets are also important to look at, because those houses will be so much bigger. Intercepted planets could have trouble to express their energy at the beginning of the year but when by progression of the angles, they move out of those interceptions they could express their energy lateron in the year.

Now begin by comparing SR chart and natal chart.

Begin by looking at the SR Ascendant.

If the SR Ascendant is the same as your natal Asc. then this year could be a very important year with great integration from your part. It does not necessarily have to be an easy year however. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will easily show you if they will cause difficulties or chances.

Should the Natal Descendant become the SR Ascendant, then a difficult year could be awaiting you, but not necessarily a bad year. You might be at the “mercy” of others this year (the East side is now seen on the Asc.,( West side) and East side is always associated with helping others, being of service to others or being dependent on others). Jupiter or Venus rising might help to diminish the problems a bit .

This position could also indicate health problems during the year. Look at the SR 6th house to determine that. Same problems can arise when SR Moon opposes the Sun.
When a marriage should take place in this year, then very often you also will see that the natal Descendant appears on the Solar Return Asc. In my opinion this cannot really show a “difficult” year. That’s why I always look at other transits to the natal chart AND progressed planets to the natal chart, to determine whether this will indeed be a difficult year or not.

The sign on the Asc. will colour your natal Ascendant sign. So if natal Asc. is Capricorn but Solar Asc. is Saggittarius, you might become a bit more adventurous this year, maybe get more interested in other cultures, travel or starting a new study.

As written above, the SR Ascendant ruler and any planets in the 1st SR house are very important.

Look into which house the SR Ascendant falls in your natal chart.
If it falls within 5° of the next house cusp then take the next house.
That house will usually get a lot of focus in the year to come, as well as the house where the Sun is in the SR chart. The Sun never changes sign, but does change house. Also look at both natal and SR rulers of that house.

NB:Should your SR. Asc. be ruled by a transpersonal planet (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto), then also look at this one. The traditionalists amongst us can look at Saturn, Jupiter and Mars or both modern and traditional to get an allround picture

The house in which the Sun falls in the SR chart is the birthday month's forecast and influence, and each house the Sun travels through after that show the following month, since the Sun transits at the rate of one sign or house per month. Each house the Sun gets into will get some focus that month and the sign and planet ruling the cusp of that house, influences the outlook for that month. Pay attention to the aspects the Sun makes to other planets as it will be possible that it could trigger an event.

Look at all the natal planets and see where they are now placed (which house and sign) in the SR chart. The sign will change their expression a bit or add to the natal expression, the house shows the area where they will “shine” this year.

Where the Solar Return MOON falls in the natal chart indicates an area of restlessness at the beginning of the year. The Progressed Moon has to be taken into account as well to form an idea of how your emotional state could be this year.

Natal Saturn in the SR 12th house can show the need to spend time alone, or even hospitalization. A good placement for solitary work. When it is near the Ascendant, then it should be seen as a 1st house planet and there it will show the necessity to concentrate and focus this year or the need for serious assessment of your life situation.

Natal Jupiter in the SR 12th can show a certain amount of protection during the year. (Same is said of natal Jupiter in the 12th house.) When near the Asc. it will be more noticeable in the 1st house and can show more optimism and the need for freedom and/or expansion.

Indicators of Marriage: 3rd, 7th houses accentuated. Sun or Venus conj.SR Ascendant. 5th and 7th houses both activated and Venus prominent could show a love affair (5) which might end into a commitment (7). Also see if progressed Venus is making an important aspect to the MC or Ascendant of the natal chart the following year(s).

Childbirth or Pregnancy: 4th, 5th and 11th houses activated, North Node in the 5th house, ruler of the 5th in the 1st house. Moon in the 5th could mean thinking about it but not necessarily becoming pregnant.

Career/Job change: 2nd, 6th and 10th houses activated. Uranus or Moon in 6th and 10th especially show change. Also look at Uranus transits over the natal chart’s 10th or 6th house.

Home change: 4th house prominent. Moon or Uranus in 4th. Uranus can also show changes within the home as well, like an addition made or changing the furniture. Mars could show more activity regarding family or home matters.
Saturn in SR 4th shows staying in the same place.

Health:1st, 6th and 12th houses. Sun-Moon oppositions could show health problems. Good aspects between them show good health.

Surgery : 8th and Mars in the 8th or on the Asc. or the Moon in the 8th, challenged. (also for dental surgery and caesarian section delivery) but also look at the transiting or progressed Mars aspecting the Ascendant.

Inheritance: strong 2nd/8th activity.

Divorce: 3rd (dissolution of contract), 7th (break with partner), 8th (financial settlements) and the 9th (legal activities). Pluto, Uranus and Mars angular (because they will conjunct, square or oppose the 7th house.


Solar Return planets are only to be considered active when they aspect a natal planet!
Any planet within 3° of a cusp, activates that house.
Any planet on an angle or within 5° before the angle should get extra attention, as well as the house this planet rules.
Any Solar Return planet which conjuncts the same natal planet, like SR Venus conjunct natal Venus (within 3° to 4°) is particularly significant and the SR houses ruled by them also need special attention.

SR planets forming a T-square or Grand Square with a natal opposition or T-square or a YOD with a natal quincunx can show great activity in the natal houses.

A Solar Return chart can be progressed by moving the housecusps. This is done with the moving of the MC. The MC moves 1° every 4 days which comes then to 7.5° per month etc. When you have found the new position of the MC, then look in your table of houses to find the corresponding Ascendant and other housecusps.
So in this case it is not the planets which move, but the angles which move towards the planets! When any planet gets to less than 5° distance from a SR planet, that could then show that something might happen in relation to that planet and the house it rules.

General Notes:

Do keep all aspects between natal and Solar Return planets within 5° orb.

Below you find some links, also explaining the Solar Return by Celeste Teal and Mary Shea:

Frequently asked questions about Solar Returns, also which location you should use to draw the SR chart, your present location (where you spend most of your time during the year), your place of birth or the place you are at the time of your birthday (on vacation in another country for instance) are explained here:

Solar returns
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Re: How to interpret a Solar Return Chart

A few other things:

The house position of the sun may be used to indicate the busiest period of the year.In an angular house the beginning of the year will have the most activity.Pivotal circumstances and events correspond with the sun in a angular house.

Houses two five and eleven the middle portion of the year, will prove to be the most productive.The position of the sun here represents issues with personal resources, and personal values.It usually represents conclusions, finalities and the oppurtunity for stabilization.

If the sun is in house three,six,nine or twelve the last part of the year will show the most forward movement. As most of the year has been spent in preparation and adjustments.

While the house position of the sun may be used as a general timing, a prominence of planets in one of the three sectors may modify your findings.

About the Solar Return Ascendant, someone wrote:

“I went back to 2000 and ran an SR for that year, as I remember that year being particularly difficult in several different areas for me. There were tough changes, although they were welcome after the fact. That year, my ASC was Leo... the ASC/DESC axis was reversed.”

These comments were taken from our own forum.

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Re: How to interpret a Solar Return Chart

This article is from Cafe Astrology and has been posted before but bears repeating. It emphasizes that it's important to set the tone for the solar return, the feelings that you have on that day.

The Importance of the Solar Return Moment "Being There on Time"
By Ray Merriman

The exact time of one's solar return is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment - and only that moment - in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when you were born. Such a moment constitutes an "event", and was with all events, this one too is the basis for a horoscope of import.

However the importance of this horoscope is unique only to the individual to whom it applies. The quality of that "moment" (i.e. the time of one's solar return" becomes the "seed" of effect for the one-year cycle. A "moment" of such importance favors a certain mind-set of the individual as it occurs. This is especially true if one accepts the premise that thought creates (or influences) reality. If every moment of time has its own unique quality, then one would want the "quality" of the solar retrun "moment" to be special in a favorable way, especially since it becomes the horsocope for the year in that person's life.

Given this premise, the individual is encouraged to enter the solar return moment with a sense of reverence. The individual is encouraged to put some thought and effort into assuring that his moment is somehow empowered, infused, with an energy or thoughts consistent with what that individual would want to experience in the coming year.

What should one do at this moment? That of course is up to each individual (you). Obviously it would not be a favorable omen if you engaged in an argument, or sat home brooding, or went to work in an atmosphere of frustration or boredom. Such experiences at the time of your solar return would likely set the foundation for your mind-set for the entire year- and it would be negative.

The following ideas are intended only as suggestions. They take into account the premise that your solar return is the most personally sacred of all days of the year for you. Therefore, going into the moment of a solar reutrn, you are advised to plan something special, something ideally that would "empower" that moment for you. A ritual of some sort might be a good idea.

For instance, you might take into account your location to be at that moment. Choose some place special, some place in which you are comfortable, happy and in harmony with. Perhaps it is near a lake, ocean, river or mountain. Perhaps it is on a beach or in a forest. Or perhaps it is in a favorite room.

Set the "stage". Perhaps you wish to have a candle burning, and/or music playing. Perhaps the direction you are facing (North, East, West or South - facing the Sun or the Moon) has special meaning to you. Perhaps there are artifacts (i.e. pets, jewelrey, stones) that have personal meaning, and you wish to display them in your "circle." Perhaps there is a special person whom you have decided to share this moment with.

The setting (if effected) should be completely set at least ten minutes prior to the solar return moment. As you enter the 10-minute time band leading into the solar return moment, you may consider beginning a meditation. How one meditates is completely individualistic. Perhaps you prefer to just enter a very relaxed state. Perhaps you like to chant. Perhaps you use visualization or affirmation exercises. If the latter, then after achieving a state of relaxation, you might visualize the areas of interest coming up in the next year. In this visualization exercise, you might try to see yourself happy and successful in each situation.

This meditation should last into - and slightly beyond - the solar return moment. Once the moment has passed and the mediatation is complete, you are encouraged to give thanks. This may be done in a prayer, or whatever form is sacred to you. In this way, you bring a gentle closure to the sacred moment which has just passed, a moment which has now become the foundation for the one-year cycle about to begin.

You cannot be late for this moment. Otherwise, you might be symbolically late throughout the entire year. Do not take this moment in time lightly. Otherwise, all of your affairs may be symbolically taken lightly all year. The solar return is best viewed in the spirit of a pilgrimage, or a mission. It is the most important "holiday" of the year to you. It is the one time during the year that you are "connected" to the Infinite through the special relationship of the Earth and Sun. It is a moment which you are potentially in tune with your destiny, which is signified by the Earth/Sun relationship. The Sun is what you are becoming (the future, your growth potential). The Earth is where you have incarnated (present, your being). Give it the reverence it is due.


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Saturn Return

The Saturn Return
occurs every 28-29 years. (look at your chart and transits for specifically when.) It happens when transiting Saturn conjuncts natal Saturn.

It's a test of responsibility towards yourself and your role in the world. If you've been living too much for other people, then the focus now would be on who you are and your own structure and identity.

This transit brings changes to areas of your life that are stale and outdated. relationships, jobs, and lifestyle choices will be tested now to show you what works and what does not. In the literal sense you're growing up. It also forces you to let go of habits and behaviors that are either selfish or self defeating.

The first 29 years of life are spent establishing who you are. You learn rules, limitations, and what works and what doesn't. When 29 hits, Saturn forces you to take what you've learned and apply it in a constructive way.

The example I can give is I have Saturn in the 3rd house. I'm not yet 29 so I have not experienced a return. When I do however, it will definitely force me to examine how I communicate and perceive things. At the time of my Saturn return, if I still use volume to out-communicate others, or act as if I know everything, or always have to get the last word in, then Saturn will bring situations into my life to deal with these behaviors and force me to let go of them. You are pruning your life of anything that holds you back.

Saturn represents duty, and if we feel trapped in something (a job, marriage) out of duty and responsibility, then the Saturn return will force one to examine and change that responsibility.

Wherever Saturn is placed in the chart is where we need to learn responsibility. That lesson must be consciously learned by the first Saturn return or Saturn will force you to learn.

The transit master Mr. R.H. himself says it best:

"This is a time of endings and new beginnings. If you have built your life up to now around activities that are inappropriate for you, it would be a period of crisis. If you have been doing what you should in previous years, this transit will simply mark a time of solidification and the beginning of a new phase of activity. It is this transit that makes people over thirty different from those under thirty because the Saturn return is one of the most maturing of all transits."

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