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Hum, a little lengthy, but .... for those who care (Venus = love/caring) .... and let's not forget, Chiron in Aquarius now, and I'm thinking Venus retro in Aquarius is going to be affected by those wounds too ... and I have Venus in Scorp natally, so, I'm also thinking it's involved in this Grand Fixed Cross somehow too for me. Chiron in the first natally also, although Cap Rising, Aquarius is there too for me. oh my :roll:

Venus goes retrograde on December 24, 2005, giving a heart-rending tear to the favorite Holiday season. Venus rules our love, loved ones, friends and heartfelt alliances. Things are going to fall apart for a number of people on Christmas Eve.

Venus will be at 1 Aquarius 28 and turns retrograde at 1:36 a.m., PDT. Those most affected were born January 19 through January 23rd with January 21st, the most affected of all. By opposite polarity, 1 degree Leo, people born between July 22nd through the 26th are going to be influenced most, with July 24th the most affected of all.

The 'shadow' period before Venus goes retrograde is about two weeks and behaves like the planet is already retrograde. Beginning December 10, 2005 (a day after Mars goes direct) your 'nose' for buying the 'right thing' for your spouse or partner is going to be haphazard at best. It may not fit right, for example. Or while you love the color, your partner will not.

Venus is the second planet away from the Sun. It is the "evening star' and our "morning star" depending upon what time of year and orbit she is in, we either see her as a bright, shining diamond in our sky on one horizon or another.

Aphrodite or Venus, was the Greek goddess of love, pleasure, and all things about relationships, harmony, music, the arts and the beautiful things we have in our world. She is about fragrance, food, taste, texture and our five senses. Our sexuality, our passion for life, our procreative and creative expressions, are come from her symbolically speaking.

From an astrological association with this myth and goddess, the planet is about beauty, harmony with yourself and others (this means your coworkers, your spouse, your friends, even strangers you meet in the grocery story, for instance), as well as our own ability to be social, interactive, respectful, kind, courteous and refined. It is also about one's artistic ability, ranging from jewelry to clothes, to house decorating to even buying just the 'right' car because it looks 'pretty' or sleek or beautiful to us.

Unfortunately, Venus retrograde seems to go in 'backward' motion--but that is because Earth, in its larger orbit is by-passing Venus. And when that occurs, it looks like Venus is going backwards--its not, really, but when you consider you have two huge planetary bodies passing one another like two fast-moving cars on a solar freeway; you do get energy 'turbulence' out of it that will affect everything and everyone on this planet to some intensity.

Venus only goes retrograde about once every eighteen months; so this is good news! (in comparison to Mercury which typically retrogrades 3 times a year, three weeks at a time!). Venus goes retrograde on December 24, 2005 . This means those with a planet or position such as a Midheaven or Ascendant will be directly affected by this retrograde than the rest of us. Those who have anything at 29 Capricorn, 0, 1, 2 or 3 degrees Aquarius, and by opposite sign, 29 Cancer, 0, 1,2 or 3 degrees of Leo will be equally affected.

The heart and soul of Venus, on a purely psychological level, is about love. First of all, the ability to love and like ourselves. Do we? That may well get tested during this period. And the people whom we love and like around us are also highlighted. That area of our life may get tested as well.

Venus, natally in our chart, tells us how much we love ourselves; if we've gotten past the front door with self and gone inside. Or not..... In a Venus retrograde, our 'warts' may show more than usual. We may feel unloved or disliked. Or, on a lighter vain, just not appreciated. This is an opportunity to find out such things about ourselves. Are we into much of a social mask instead of being our real, genuine self? Have we carried our social trappings instead of being just our plain old, kickback self? Are we locked into our physical beauty, the outer package and facade and not tuned in to our heart and where our spirit really wants to take us? We'll find out shortly.

Any "heart" issue is fair game under a Venus retrograde. If you have a solid relationship, marriage or business partnership; it will easily withstand this Venus retrograde. However, if its built on feet of may well come crumbling down and repairs to the foundation are going to be in order by yourself and your partner.

What can we expect from Venus going retrograde? Plenty. Let's look at the positives of it first, because there's always a silver lining when a planet retrogrades.


I'm afraid that whatever we have been seeing with "rose colored glasses" is suddenly going to be torn off our face and we will see the reality (and perhaps the ugliness) that resides beneath whatever it is. This can apply to ourselves, as an example--we see ourselves at our worst and we really don't like ourselves. Others will see the fraudulent quality of others and suddenly "see the light" and realize they have been getting duped by this deceitful individual.

There can be a 'falling out' among Republicans with Bush as his numbers will continue to fall. The 'love affair' with the 52% who voted for Bush is officially over. Too bad that 52% didn't see what the 48% of us saw long ago! Venus has a way of saying, "Look! The Emperor has NO clothes!" and by gosh, Venus is right. There is going to be jarring reality clashing with Republican ideals regarding this president who has divided the nation and world.

This is not a good time to be strutting in to a doctor's office to have any kind of cosmetic surgery. My advice is wait until mid-February, 2006, if you can (after Venus goes direct on February 3, 2006). You will NOT like the results of the work even if its by the best surgeon in the world. In reality, your expectations are skewed and distorted, thanks to the warped Venusian influence.

What you once thought was beautiful will no longer be--but more toward reality of what it really is, instead. Nothing like coming down to earth in a jolt. Rose colored glasses and idealism will suffer dearly on Christmas Eve, unfortunately. Get a good dose of common sense and practicality (although both these things are going to be in short supply), to side step getting splattered by the mud of reality.


People who were born with a Venus retrograde in their chart will find this a wonderful period! Very productive, creative, and a lot of forward movement on projects and passions that are close to their heart, will occur. Any blocks that were there before, will dissolve now. Expect success, and any gambles you try will work for you. Very few people are born with this, so the bulk of us are going to experience some of the challenges instead.


RELATIONSHIPS: This is a time for you to look at your relationships. It can be with coworkers, your boss, your best friend, your associates, your children and/or your spouse. Because Venus rules what we love (our family) there can be lots of interesting things (I call them did-you-know's) get plowed up. Unfortunately, for many families may feel the pressure of Venus going retrograde the same day. There can be fights, bickering, anger or smoldering old vendettas come flaming back to life over the Christmas holiday with family. Many families are dysfunctional but with Venus mixed in retrograde, it brings out the worst in each member to create some heart rending situations that can't easily be fixed later. With Venus going retrograde--prepare yourself--because it may well happen. Be on top of it and try to look at whose doing it and why. If its possible, try to take a compassionate stance with it as this person 'acts out' their shadow projections on you or whomever is the 'target' of their focus.

Be prepared to dialog and communicate when things calm down. Sometimes a molehill is made into a mountain. By not over reacting to it, progress can be made. And sometimes, under a Venus retrograde, a relationship that has been ailing or limping along for sometime, just plain breaks down and spills wide open and it's there to look at and then make choices upon.

When a festering wound breaks open, providing both parties want to try and resolve it, then a Venus retrograde can bring a new level of awareness to us so we can do that. Of course, no relationship gets growth or furthered unless BOTH people involved want to work toward that end. If the other party doesn't, then you may find yourself talking about the end of your relationship with that person. Or, at the very least, some 'time-out' from it so you can digest what has occurred, give it further thought, before making a final decision upon it.

FRIENDS. Thought you knew who your friends are? Don't we all? We'll find out now.... When Venus goes retrograde, we really find out who is loyal to us are because you may be up to your rear in alligators. It is always fascinating to me to see a person go through a "Dark Night of the Soul" period--and who sticks with them through it--and who doesn't. This is not to say you will be the person to go through the 'dark night of the soul'. However, you may well be called upon to help assist one of your friends through such a trying period instead. Will you stay the course or abandon them? Or, if it is you doing the dark night of the soul trek, you are going to find out rather quickly who will support you and whose going to desert you when the 'chips are down.'

You may have a falling out with one or more friends--and the qualifier here is, people you THOUGHT were friends--who really never were, but you just now became aware of the situation and made the reality based observation. People may well disappoint you during this time frame. What you expect from friends and family in a show of support, may evaporate and you feel nakedly alone, standing out there, feeling more like a target than protected. If you get caught in such a circumstance--maintain your integrity and faith because we are never completely forsaken. We may well feel that way, but it is to help teach us something or to gain an awareness that we didn't have or grasp before. As soon as we do the 'aha!' the situation will cease.

SOCIAL GRACES? This falls under the theme of "Have a nice day...." and the apt social rejoinder I've heard often on a Venus retrograde period is, "***** you..." or add some more colorful words here to fill in the blanks--we've all heard them. Scrooge is out at this Christmas time, no doubt, arm-and-arm with Venus going retrograde. A lot of our social refinement goes down the drain on a Venus retrograde. Our usual social graces will fail us--sometimes easily and sometimes, out in public, and sometimes to our own embarrassment or detriment. Of course, we have control over what comes out of our mouth and how we react to certain situations out in public. These are the times when you get nailed with a shopping cart at a grocery store, people snarl at you, sneer, curse, and are just generally in a foul mood and don't mind taking it out on you at all! And this will, in turn, make you feel bad and make you wonder if it you said or did something. Probably not; so don't take it personally. Just understand that the person is having a 'bad hair day' during Venus retrograde. People may lie to you, defraud you or in some way, not present their "real" or "true" self or intentions right now--just give them a wide berth and don't connect into their problems and choices.

BUYING CLOTHES, JEWELRY OR A CAR? Think again. This is NOT a good time to do any of the above. You will get it home and not like it; it won't fit or it won't look 'right' on you. The car will disappoint you after you've put the down payment on it. This is not a good time to buy 'pretty' things. I certainly would not recommend any home decoration during this time. No matter who does it, you are not going to be satisfied or pleased with it--even if you did it yourself!

GIFT RETURNS. I can well imagine the people who will be returning Christmas gifts in record numbers this year--gifts bought under a Venus going retrograde--the recipient is not going to like what you bought them....or the color is wrong, the texture is wrong...or it don't fit right. You will see a numbers of returns if Venus goes retrograde in December/January time frame of a particular year! The safest thing to do is buy a gift certificate! That way, the person can buy what they want and it will fit and the color will be right.

JEWELRY--BUYER BEWARE! If you are buy jewelry during the 'shadow' period of Venus going retrograde or on Christmas Eve; buyer beware--with this Venus retrograde, you may have well been cheated, lied to, deceived or in some way not gotten the 'real goods' you thought you bought. Instead of gold, you got brass. Instead of diamond, you got cubic zirconia. And so it will discover this when Venus goes direct or when the person returns it because it doesn't please them (Venus). Either way, this is a bummer. Buy good jewelry only from jewelers who are certified. Don't be buying it from someone who promises you a 'good deal'--because it won't be one. And if it seems too good to be true, trust me, it is.

COSMETIC SURGERY: I hope that no one is going to go in for cosmetic or elective surgery during this Venus retrograde because I can guarantee you with 100% assuredness--you will NOT like the outcome of the surgery. Not only that, blood clots occur under this transit and that is deadly and can potentially kill you if it reaches your heart or brain. Sobering warnings that should waive you off until a safer time in mid-February, 2006.

If you thought you'd give yourself a nose job for the coming Holiday time--think again--real hard and WAIT until mid-February, 2006, to reschedule that elective surgery. Please. Not only that, but surgery performed during this period can end up with nasty scar tissue, keloid scar tissue problems (where it grows at an abnormal rate and scars more skin than it 'normally' does). Sutures don't heal up quite right and there can be infection, pooches, pouches or other problems with the surgical incision. It's not worth it, believe me. I've seen too many unhappy cosmetic campers do it under a Venus retrograde and I've never seen one of them happy with the outcome or result of such a surgery. Who wants to do it twice???

I like to think of Venus as one of the 'guardian angel' planets on a whimsical kind of symbolic level. From a surgery date standpoint, we always, as medical astrologers, like to see a well-aspected transit of Venus because this means the patient has a guardian/spirit guide looking out for their best, vested interests. During a Venus retrograde, one of two phenomena seem to happen: either the person feels completely deserted by people on this side and the 'other side' or a guardian angel/spirit guide steps in--literally, out of nowhere--to rescue or help you in that critical moment of crisis.

BLOOD CLOTS/PHLEBITIS/ANEURYSMS: All fall under Venus domain. Venus rules the veins of our body. This is not a good time to go for surgery because besides scarring problems, there is a threat of a blood clot potential, as well--and this is nothing to mess around with--it is deadly and can kill. If I scare you a little; that's good. I've seen it happen. Another area of concern are aneurysms and this is where the wall of an artery or vein 'thins out' and 'balloons out' and eventually, can burst. When it does, it 'bleeds out' or hemorrhages into the area around it. Plus, where there is air travel over long distance, it WILL cause a lot of people blood clots (DVT--deep vein thrombosis))--so be sure, if you're traveling more than 3 hours by air, get up and walk around every hour and get that circulation going--or you could be very, very sorry after you land at your destination.

Since Venus rules veins, then aneurysm possibilities involving veins or the aorta (largest artery in our body) may occur during this retrograde. If a tiny little vein bursts, it may appear to be only a "varicose vein" in your leg, as an example. However, if you get a larger vein that bursts in your head, then you've got a stroke on your hands and potentially, a deadly situation. So, if you are getting headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, slurred speech, or your thought patterns are 'off' then please see a physician immediately and do not hold off on getting an MRI. This is very serious. The key here, or red flag is if you never get headaches and you get one or more during this period--then get it checked out. Forewarned is forearmed.

People who have blood clots form after surgery or form 'just because' (and then you're looking at a stroke situation potentially) can take Vitamin E: 800 i.u.'s and Vitamin C: 5,000 mg--daily, with the approval of their doctor, first, of course. This will help dissolve the blood clot a lot faster. If you have a homeopath--then they can take your case and find which remedy will help dissolve it even more quickly. Venus rules over Vitamin E, the anti-aging vitamin, and for those who are directly affected by this particular retrograde, a little more Vitamin E may be needed, than 'normal.' Please check with your doctor first before making this decision.

OVER-EATING--WHO? ME?! Yes, all of us may get some 'cravings' with Venus going retrograde. After all, what do we do if we are feeling unloved? Reach for chocolate? A Godiva? A cookie? A huge piece of pie or cake? Yes....we do. More of us are liable to be feeling cravings more than usual--especially those of us who are getting 'hit' by the retrograde degree-wise with our natal chart and another planet is involved. We may feel desperately unloved. Terribly alone. No one understands us or why we do or say something. So, we compensate by stuffing ourselves with sweets. Love and sweets symbolically entwine around one another. Comfort foods rule. We may get seriously pigged out on sweets around this time frame--so put a muzzle on your mouth, and just say "no"!

And therein lies a potential weight gain for those of us who overindulge. We can, of course, resist, do more gym work outs, grab a veggie instead of a candy....

GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD. As the saying goes; this is a time when we're overconfident about money and may "shop 'til we drop" or get a little too brazen and go out and buy an expensive item we can ill afford on our paycheck. This is not a good time to drizzle away our hard earned money. Hold on to it. Watch where you're placing your money and make sure your sources aren't fraudulent.

Feeling lucky? Think if you hit a casino or do a little betting on the side or buy extra lottery tickets that you'll hit it big? Not under a Venus retrograde. Put it in the bank and let it accrue interest. This is not a good time to invest in risky stocks or mutual funds, either. Play safe and conservative and don't overspend. Gambling is out of the question; do not attempt it. You will lose.

Think you're going to win one of those ten million dollar give-always that comes in the mail. Do me a favor? The money you were going to invest in that--go out and buy yourself a good book instead--it's a far better deal and not risky at all.

LAZINESS BEGETS LAZINESS. You want pretty things? Nice clothes? A this or that? And you don't feel like working hard to get it? That's a sign of Venus retrograde. It may foster the attitude that the world or someone owes you a lifestyle that you're accustom to or think you deserve. Not right now. If you want it; go out and work hard and earn it the good ole fashion way: with elbow grease. Some of us are just plain feeling lazy and indolent. We really don't want to put out to get right now. Fine. But don't be whining that the universe owes you--because it doesn't. The "I want something for nothing," attitude is really fostered, alive and well under a Venus retrograde. You will generally hear this from raging hormone teenagers who don't have a good grasp on reality and the real-world demands--yet. But they are sure going to 'lean' on you to manipulate you into buying this or that bauble for them. So, be prepared!

WRITER'S BLOCK? If you're in the arts, you may feel like the well ran dry and ideas are rather tough to come by right now. Maybe this is a time to stop trying to create and just float along and don't push the artistic rivers of life. There are times to create and there are times to rest. With a Venus retrograde, this is a 'rest' period. It is time to go within; sort of like hibernation of a bear or the sleep dormancy of a tree during the winter season.

I promise you that if you will rest (and not panic) that there are new seed ideas being born deep within you during this time period. Venus retrograde on this level of energy expression is about pregnancy and fertility of ideas in seed form. When it goes direct, you will once again feel the creative faucets begin to leak, then drip, and usually, a week or two after it is in direct motion, flow to bubbling life. That new idea, creative direction that took seed in you earlier, is now ready to be prepared for it to arrive!

FEELING REJECTED? You may. Remember, this is temporary, so set about doing something to gift yourself, instead. The world doesn't hate you; although you might feel like it really does. Hang in there. Just remember February 3, 2006, when Venus goes direct, isn't really THAT far off.

SEXUAL REROUTING. For some of us, particularly those who are directly affected by degree of this Venus retrograde, our sex drive may get up and leave or seem to dim somewhat. Not to worry. This is kind of like a Kundalini energy expression. Instead of our root chakra/navel chakra energy moving down to stir the coals of our passions physically to life, it will instead, move up through us, up our spine and into our other chakras. This is actually good. If you don't feel passionate in sexual nature, you may well feel passionate about an idea, an event, a thing that before, seemed unimportant to you--will now shine in your life and capture your attention.

And for those who actually experience this (men get very panicked when this occurs), don't worry, your sex drive will return after Venus goes direct. In the meantime, look at how your passionate nature has been rerouted into a new and interesting direction. It's not all bad news...

ADDICTIONS. Unfortunately, our Venusian tastes for drugs, food and alcohol can be turned up during this Holiday period. Try not to overindulge in drinking too much champagne or alcohol during this retrograde time period--it could have disastrous results. New Year's Eve is going to be particularly dangerous if you are driving--so please be aware and drive defensively. Those who are hooked and addicted to drugs, may well find their need or craving for them heightened painfully during this retrograde. Other addictions, such as for sweets or chocolate, are going to be stronger than normal, too. Just say no. You'll be glad you did.

THE DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN: We have a chance under a Venus retrograde to test how much we honestly love ourselves--and one another. How healthy is our relationship with ourselves? With our children? Spouse? Friends? We will find out. One of the most important tenets of this retrograde is to not allow self-disgust, repugnance or rejection of self to over ride what we know is our own basic goodness. Suicides can occur because we feel ugly, unloved, unlikable and unwanted under such a transit. Nothing could be further from the truth--but when you're down in that dark hole, sound reasoning doesn't always peek through the clouds and make us self-aware.

Parents, play much closer attention that usual to your teenagers during this period. Love affairs go bust and to an adult, it is hurtful enough, but to a teenager, it can be absolutely devastating. A Venus retrograde can resonate this loss to such a anguished degree that suicide seems a reasonable outlet from this pain and suffering--so play 'head's up football' with your kids who are in this age group. To lose a child to suicide during the holidays is, in my opinion, one of the worst ways. Venus retrograde, unfortunately, can make this energy expression occur. Pay more attention than you usually do to them, their habits and patterns. Increase the level of dialogue you have with them during this time; it can't hurt.


This is also an opportunity to feed a child of any age, more nurturing and support because they are going to feel starved for that touch, hug, smile that you give them. Give people a smile, a touch, a kind word, too--even if you're feeling like you're being drawn and quartered yourself. Even if you don't feel loved or very loving, reach out. Don't retreat. Don't pull back or away. Stand quietly in the center of your being and know that you are loved--deeply and all the time. Its just under a Venus retrograde, we really aren't in touch with that knowing like we normally are.


Our faith can be tested severely right now. The 'higher octave' (or expression) of Venus is the planet, Neptune. Neptune is about illusions, delusions, faith, spirituality, and our highest Truth, and the best about ourselves as human beings--or the worst. And it can look pretty dark and murky right now--but keep your faith. You might not see the light at the end of your individual tunnel, but it is there--you'll begin to see it the first week of February, 2006. If you are feeling isolated, alone, unwanted and unloved, put yourself in situations where you are with other people. Go to a soup kitchen and help serve. Read to the elderly at your nearest nursing home. Volunteer your time at the local humane society. Spend more time with your spouse or your children. In other words.....counterbalance this temporary feeling and sense of deprivation of your senses by giving. This is not dis-empowerment; this is just the opposite. A gesture on your part like this will halt this inner feeling of emptiness and fill your spiritual bank account immeasurably.

ROMANCE CONFERENCE: Think again. It will be an unmitigated disaster. Those who come will NOT be pleased. In fact, you won't be able to please them at all! No one is happy. People are picky. Nothing is right. Everything is wrong. Dissatisfaction will run rampant. Anyone planning a conference of ANY kind under a Venus retrograde, who wants GOOD word-of-mouth to come from it has just been torpedoed and the only thing they'll say about the conference is: NEVER go again! This is not the word-of-mouth you were hoping for. Further, the FOOD will be a disaster; the people will truly dislike it and there's going to be a lot of grumbling about the quality of the food. Or, there could be food poisoning issues that may surface and law suits may follow.

Even worse, FOOD POISONING is a real possibility during this time. So why have a conference name ruined because the kitchen of the hotel screwed up and put out food that had salmonella in it and a goodly group of conference goers get sick? This is not what a conference wants or needs. Further, costume parties, costumes in general, or anything having to do with beauty (this includes the hunks on stage) are not going to measure up. Again, conference goers are just generally dissatisfied. Nothing you do; no matter how great, is going to meet the bar of expectation with them. Re plan your conference for another time.


We will all be tested on our ability to be compassionate--or not. This is a time of tests regarding our heart and what we love and like. Let's use it as an opportunity for testing and growth....and keep our integrity in tact, our sense of social skills, decorum toward others, in perspective. Otherwise, we become shrews to one another and savaging others is all too easy. The choice--as always--is ours.

I've often seen Venus retrograde offer us the gift of heart-related learning how to ask for help from others, or to lift our hand out to be helped by others. Don't be shy about asking for help. It's there. Some of us hard headed people will learn to swallow our pride at this time and humbly ask. It's a priceless gift and when it goes direct, we'll see that.

Right now, while Venus is retrograde, we get to polish up our ability to be compassionate instead of judgmental, loving instead of following of prejudice. Understanding, instead of hate. To work with this energy, for five minutes a day, sit quietly and see the world bathed in a color of your choice, and ask for peace, cooperation and compassion. You'd be surprised how much this will help...and this is a highly positive thing you can do daily during this retrograde. Practice meditation daily. Go to a Yoga course and get limber on every level, includig the spiritual one. Every drop in the bucket counts!

Summery Joy

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I have Mars in 4 degrees Cancer and Mercury in 4 degrees Leo. Am I out or too close to the unfortunate range?

You know what? Don't tell me! I'm going to hibernate and wake up in May 2006.



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Another Venus Rx excerpt

Hi Baker,

Good to see you back! Missed reading your wit and wisdom. :D

This is an excerpt from Erin Sullivan's Retrograde Planets: Transversing the Inner Landscapes published by Weiser Books.

OOPS :!: Just read the copyright. So I would recommend to anyone interested to read pp 93-96 where she speaks about the Venus Retrograde transit. It has some excellent information.

I have written to Erin to see if I can get permission to post the material here.


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Well I'm going for it in the extreme. I'm taking my wife to Paris for our 20th anniversary Christmas Eve. I'm hoping the Chiron conjunction will be a mitigating factor to make this event into an inner healing experience. She also has Venus rx natally so hoping this position of her's will rub off on me!


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Venus Rx or not? Have an awesome holiday visit to Paris! I hope all your hopes of healing and love come to fruition!

Venus currently transiting my 2nd house in will continue to stay there in both Cap and Aq in the 2nd through the Rx period and for a period of time after that as well.

My notes on Venus transit 2nd house:

VENUS TRANSITING YOUR 2ND HOUSE (approx. 25 days duration)
You may tend to purchase or sell art and luxury items during this period. You may want more physical comforts and seek to improve your material security through financial or business agreements.

Based on the idea of my mind being on financial and business matters (when is it not?) then during the Rx period I may well be re-evaluting financial matters (current portfolio, maxing out retirement investments) even perhaps re-evaluating my 'self worth' or re-evaluating the 'worth' of my approaches (marketing techniques)? Wont make any major decisions on it until mid Feb if possible.

I know I will put off buying things (new rugs, furniture, curtains, etc) for the home and focus on the repair/remodeling work I am having done (Yay! Finally getting a new roof on the house next week!). I enjoy planning and visualizing the process so its not that hard for me to practice some discipline in waiting.

I am wondering how the aspect of my Chiron (Pisces) trine Venus Rx will translate during this period. If I am reading my chart correctly, then thats the only aspect in this time period. No planets until the 3rd house. I'm thinking it might have to do with the family issues. Hoping its positive and constructive however it works out.

Shuddered inwardly at this part:

Because Venus rules what we love (our family) there can be lots of interesting things (I call them did-you-know's) get plowed up. Unfortunately, for many families may feel the pressure of Venus going retrograde the same day. There can be fights, bickering, anger or smoldering old vendettas come flaming back to life over the Christmas holiday with family. Many families are dysfunctional but with Venus mixed in retrograde, it brings out the worst in each member to create some heart rending situations that can't easily be fixed later. With Venus going retrograde--prepare yourself--because it may well happen. Be on top of it and try to look at whose doing it and why. If its possible, try to take a compassionate stance with it as this person 'acts out' their shadow projections on you or whomever is the 'target' of their focus.

Geeezzzzz! Like they werent crazy enough on Thanksgiving during Merc and Mars Rx??? I will just take the same stance I did quietly compassionate, stay neutral and scoot home quick as I politely can. Maybe even wear a kevlar helmet and vest to avoid the bullets and missiles.

Thank you Baker for sharing the article! Being a novice this helps tremendously not only reading what is shared but insights from others as well!



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Kite: hey, sun/moon conjunct in libra and a scorpio venus here, so I'm all about that love and reconcile and stay together kind of stuff, SO 8) I can't resist, this should start to get you guys in the mood for your trip (how very nice of you, what a good husband!):

Click on arrow for panorama

Elianah: good strategy, I expect lots of that kind of stuff going on too, and you are right, 2005 holidays have been, well, not so great, that's why I'm here, forewarned is forearmed and I'm just not going to participate, it's that simple. hum, where do we find those vests and helmets? :roll:



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Thanks Baker...definately puts me in the mood!

My wife and I both have Venus in Scorpio..hers in her 7th and mine in the 9th. Venus will be conjuncting her natal MC and conjuncting my natal Juno when we go on the trip so it should be romantically if we could get the fixed cross working our way that touches her Mars in 10 Aq and Sun/Sat conjunction in 12/14 Scorp..we'd have a grand ole time!

Amazon1963..thanks for the best wishes also!


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< 8) >
t E r o s,
t Chiron cj Venus in the very first degrees
of Aquarius / and in your 12th-house, with
your Juno, Pholu, Dark Moon, Chiron, ASC
and (yes I peaked at your chart) -- your
birthday this week! Happy Birthday and
Happy New Year.

The asteroids are as important for flight
as the tail of a
kite in the sky...

You both have a great time in Paris!

Enjoy your solar return....



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Have a wonderful Hanukkah in Paris with your wife. Make sure she gets plenty of presents each day and don't spin the dreidl too often!


I received permission from Erin to post the material. Is there anyone interested in having me post it?


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E: me me, I vote post it, please, can't wait to read it! Thanks!

Kite: BOTH venus scorps!?!?! :shock: Wow, no wonder you guys are together. And Happy Solar Return! Venus retro and Venus Scorps, our hearts ain't afraid of nothin' 8) , we're not afraid of any stinkin' retrograde, are we? it's going to be a wonderful trip sweetie, you guys enjoy.


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My venus in scorpio just won't let me stop!

Venus Retrograde 2005 Venus Retrograde 2005
Retro Station Direct Station Return
01 Aqu. 28
Dec. 24, 2005 16 Cap. 02
Feb. 03, 2006 01 Aqu. 28
Mar. 7, 2006
Previous Period of Venus Retrograde
26 Gemini 08
May 17, 2004 09 Gemini 39
Jun. 29, 2004 26 Gemini 08
Aug. 2, 2004
Next Period of Venus Retrograde
02 Vir. 56
Jul. 27, 2007 16 Leo 26
Sep. 08, 2007 02 Vir. 56
Oct. 11, 2007


Rules: Taurus & Libra
Exalted: Pisces
Detriment: Aries & Scorpio
Fall: Virgo
Exalted Degree: 27° Pisces
Planetary Node: 16°26' Gemini

On December 24, 2005, Venus reaches her retrograde station, in preparation for a period of retrograde motion which will last until February 3, 2006. On top of that, the effects of the retrograde period will continue to be felt until she returns in direct motion on March 7 to the degree where she first made her station (1° Aquarius 27').

Venus turns retrograde only once every eighteen months, but the effects of each period differ, according to the sign in which it happens. Venus turns retrograde in conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer. Perhaps this will help heal the wounds exposed by the previous Venus Retrograde period, in 2004, when the planet of love and money crossed the face of the Sun in a rare transit of Venus on June 8.

Retrograde periods, although often problematic for us earthlings, are not particularly uncommon. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon.

Fated Events
As a rule, retrograde planets presage a period of seemingly inevitable or fated events, which relate to their sphere of influence. They present us with a series of events over which we seem to have little or no control, relating especially to the sign in which the retrogradation occurs.

A retrograde period is best seen as a cycle, beginning when the planet begins to slow to a halt before travelling backwards through the zodiac and ending when the planet returns to the point where it first paused. However, during the cycle, the planet's energy is most powerful (and more likely to generate critical events of universal importance) when the planet makes a station, appearing motionless in the sky. These stationary periods occur near the beginning of the cycle (when the planet first halts as it prepares to move backwards) and midway through the cycle when the retrograde planet slows to a stop before moving forward again. The "direct station" (when the planet halts before moving forward again) is the most powerful and can be used for maximum benefit.

What does Venus affect?
In general, Venus, the goddess of love, rules feelings and emotion, aesthetics and tastes, fashions and all forms of desire, money and wealth. Venus rules social attitudes and behaviour, along with aesthetic tastes and inclinations. Venus symbolises female relationships and social interactions at every level. Venus indicates our values. She governs romance, marriage and other partnerships, capacity for humour, and the pursuit of pleasure.
During a retrograde period the things Venus influences will be less apparent, or be of less concern to the world. Visual sensibilities are reduced. People dress with less flair and our colour sense tends to be muted. This is not the time to purchase clothes or jewellery, change one's make-up or hairstyle. Redecorating or refurbishing homes or business should also be avoided, though there is no reason why decisions that have been made earlier should not be allowed to come to fruition during this period.

With Venus retrograde, the pace of relationships slows down and this is not the best time to get married or give big parties. Since Venus rules diplomacy, slowdowns in all sorts of negotiations can be expected, including industrial disputes, legal issues and diplomatic endeavours.

It is a time when we are called upon to go back and take care of unfinished business. Often we are forced to deal with deep feelings that have their origins in past events. They are activated on an inner level but are often difficult to express to ourselves or others while Venus is retrograde.

Venus Retrograde in Aquarius
When Venus is retrograde, everyone's emotional state is more introspective and we tend to react emotionally to the issues and concerns that relate to the sign involved. With Venus retrograde in Aquarius, people with this sign prominent in their charts will be especially prone to such introspection. There is little choice but to reconsider our personal feelings and relationships. There is, however, an opportunity to gain insight into one's own mode of relating, whether sexually or financially.

Venus retro in Aquarius forms acquaintances with strangers and gains friends with ease, though the friendships and associations will be somewhat out of the ordinary, with a marked tendency towards the experimental. Expect a marked disregard for convention in personal tastes and friendships during this period.

Groups will be favoured. Financial gain may come through friends and associates, especially as a result of past commitments, but this generosity may be withdrawn when Venus return to direct motion through the zodiac. Wide-ranging social attitudes and behavioural patterns will come to the fore and there may be some stiff resistance from conventional circles. A less than passionate approach to romance and other close relationships is to be expected, but unconventional or unorthodox relationships will be readily embraced. Mental companionship will be the key.

Summery Joy

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Post. Post. Post.


I envy your wife :D . And both of you Scorpio Venus?? Wow! And how come everyone was able to find your chart but me?? Oh well, happy birthday and have a great trip.


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LOL Baker! I got my vest and helmet at BlowMart...they were running a special! However, I hear that the 'school of hard knocks' is also offering a special on them as well. You need them when you are related to my family thats for sure.

Yes, pretty please, post the transits for us Elianah! Thank you in advance even!

You are welcome Kite and we expect T-shirts.... :lol:



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Sorry Sore - It was posted in a another topic I started when I landed here (from the dark side of Venus). I'll add the link to my signature block.

C1 - I see you've caught wind of my wild and crazy asteroid mix hanging near my Asc from 12. It's enough to give me a headache. You forgot Amor which is also right on the Asc natally (what a romantic huh?).

Elianah - She gets a musuem and French dinner everyday..what more could a woman want?

Amazon1963 - Le Mickey Mouse or Le Donald Duck? :)

Baker - the two Scorpio Venus's can be a bit smothering sometimes but if you can both live by the motto "no pain no gain" then it can work out pretty well.


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Kite: :D :D :lol: :lol: , truer words have never been spoken (er ... typed). That's gotta be your mantra man!

Almost forgot to tell you, in case you haven't heard about Eric Francis! awesome astrologer, American in Paris as we speak, lots of stuff about Paris on his site AND he's a great photographer, check out his pictures for previews of your trip. Enjoy!
You'll like him.


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<<<8) >>>
Cool, Kite.
It's true: everything in your chart connects so well...
and that Amor is rising
on the Ascendant!

I see 8)


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:eek: Elianah,
Je suis wandering around here on the Forum,
looking for the info by Erin Sullivan you posted...
:? I'm lost.....

Amazon, Congrats on the $$ luck.
And -- you make sense
even when merc is retrograde; now that it's direct.....

I'm glad you agree. I really want to "work with" t Jupiter opp t Mars and

t Saturn opp t Neptune....during this GRAND CROSS,

and I want to be ready with my natal Uranus opp natal Vesta cj GC....

t Pluto and Sun meet nearby, very soon...

what would you suggest for new thread re: using our aspects?


P.S. We can also use the great post here by a new member
re: all the 2006 transits! It's cool.

thanks again for your posts, and reminder about Eric Francis!!


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Hoping to post it tonight. Had a meeting last night that postponed my input. Besides, I am a very slow typist. :wink:


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Kite wrote:

Amazon1963 - Le Mickey Mouse or Le Donald Duck?

LOL! Neither! I live 30 minutes from the American Mouse House...I think this group would appreciate something with the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee, etc on it. Now those would be great T-shirts! I'm sure that our American eagerness to press treasured sites onto T-shirts smacks a bit of the gaudy to the French! Just sharing the experience with us on the forum is gift enough! Thank you.

C1 wrote:

Amazon, Congrats on the $$ luck.
And -- you make sense
even when merc is retrograde; now that it's direct.....

Thank you! I try very hard to be direct.

Hmmm suggestions on new thread re: aspects...Well, we are covering Pluto aspects currently, we could continue to work 'backwards' since it was started under Merc Rx to begin with. I have some interesting Uranus transits going on as it travels through the 2nd half of my 3rd house. Neptune is soon to enter 3rd house as well.

It seems to make more sense to open up an open ended thread with a major transit and then to discourse on the differing aspects of the transit.

Leave it up to you, C1. We could go back to the Grand Cross and work from there. I still dont fully understand the implications on the individual re: the matter. I see lots written about the impact on the masses but how to apply it within my own chart or charts of others?

Yep, yep, that makes more sense especially when others can share their energies/experiences with current topics. For example this thread on Merc Rx the energies of it, the effect on people at large and transits through the houses. It certainly is helping this appreciative novice.

I'm happy to learn no matter the thread... :D