Pholu sextile Chiron cj Nessus


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Hi cosmos,
I am having a powerful perspective adjustment facilitated by 3 centaurs
in sextile aspects: t Pholu in Scorpio, waning sextile aspect
with t Chiron in Capricorn


t Pholu also in waxing sextile with t Nessu in Capricorn


my n Pholu in my 2d house (cozily placed in that house with my n JUPITER
and Eros) -- cj t Chiron and Nessu...

is anyone else feeling a "third wing growing on the left side of the butterfly?"

Just wondering....isn't this interesting?!

My experience is largely exasperating and exhilarating and I'm actually
feeling that my experience of "personal wound" is undergoing a cosmic relation to global wound....

Thanks to this wonderful world of cosmic's a link re: sextiles:

I'd appreciate any comments from anywhere in the cosmos...

C1 8)