Phillies VS Yankees Game 6


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2 days after having played out Game 5.(And lo and behold. As the chart said, it would be a difficult ride). I'm going to look at Game 6. With objective eyes.

AC:Home Team(Cancer):Yankees
DSC:Away Team(Capricorn):phillies.

So the roles are reversed from 2 days ago. Does the chart foresee a similar outcome?

Yankees Chart Situation:

The Yankees Ruler is the Moon. The Good: It's sextiling Mars in an Angular House.(the 2nd) and trining Jupiter(Ruler of the MH)

The bad: The Moon is in the 12th house of hospitals, misfortune, etc.

Phillies Chart Situation:
The Phillies Ruler is Saturn. The Good:Saturn has just moved out of nasty Virgo and into it's exaltation in Libra. Also, there's a difference between
being combust the Sun(As it was yesterday). And the position it's in as the
game starts.

Mercury is in Cazimi. A very RARE aspect and surprising that it happened twice this year(Mercury was in Cazimi when President Barack Obama was inaugrated as President).

This means Mercury's power is derived off the Sun and Vice-Versa.

A Cazimi is when the Sun is within an arc of seventeen Minutes of another planet. In this case, Mercury is within 11 minutes .

Talk about a change, for Yankees. Mercury spelled doom. For Phillies, it gives them the power of a Scorpio Sun.

Conclusion: This is going to be a tightly contested ball-game. But the Phillies enjoy two things that lead to their victory.

The Cazimi of Mercury-Sun. And Saturn's Exaltation.

In other words. Phillies enjoy the break of the schedule.

Because had they played away yesterday, the Yankees enjoy some nice cold beer.

Phillies in a WILD ONE.

*Edited with the chart*


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as i look at the charts of both managers and starting pitchers for game 6 and compare them to the game chart. i would have to give a slight edge to the phillies, as their manager, charlie manuel is getting a helpful sextile from T SU to N SU tomorrow nite, while yankee mgr joe girardi is getting the square from T MO to N UR / PL conj.
both pitchers are getting the helpful trine from T MO to NUR, but phillies pitcher pedro martinez is also getting his mercury return, accompanied by T SU.

If the phillies can force a game 7, i think the advantage turns back to yankee mgr girardi as the T MO conjoins his N SU / VE conj., trine N SA, and trine to T VE, completing a grand trine in his chart the next nite.

My guess is that yankees win in 7.


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Solar Arcs: They pinpoint certain events when something happened. I've learned of using Solar Arcs and I used them to perfect Barack Obama's chart. I decided to test the theory for the two General Managers. This way, we can get even more accurate readings.

Joe Girardi's Mars perfectly Conjoins his MH at 11:28 A.M on October 30th, 2007. The date that he was hired as Manager of the New York Yankees. Certifing his birth-time at 11:28 A.M as such.

Now here's the iconic thing about this particular game: Charlie Manuel was hired on November,4,2004 to be the Phillies Manager.

Today's game will be on November,4,2009.

A Five-year aniversary to the day of his hiring. I think the Cazimi may be a sign of a blessing of a correct decision.

SA Neptune and the MC were off by 13 degrees. Amounting to 54 minutes.

So Charlie Manuel was born at 11:04 A.M

How about that? Two Managers whom ended up being born close to the 12 noon time we astrologers use. Making Solar Arcs very easy.

Here are the charts: One of Girardi's Hiring and Manuel's WS Victory. Also note how Saturn is just coming off a conjunction to Jupiter. We all know what happened :(.


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that's an interesting rectification method that i didn't quite follow, but it shows that you are a big sports fan and i like that. how do you know that mars was conjunct girardi's MC on the day he was hired? i guess this is part of your method, huh?
i agree that it would be great to have timed birth data for these sports figures, as it makes our work much better. for instance, i have the timed data for philly eagle coach andy reid and ny giant coach, tom coughlin. it is easier for me to predict their team's success on the field, as, for example, this sunday coughlin is getting a trine from the transiting moon / mars conjunction to his natal MC. this bodes well for his team against the chargers, but i don't know where his opponent's MC or AC is, or the exact degree of their moons, as i must use noon charts.
courtney roberts and i are considering undertaking a big effort to get timed data for lots of sports figures soon. she has been able to get a lot of timed data from athletes in the past thru various means, but it has been quite a few years back since she did that and the majority of them are no longer relevant in the world of sports.
i will keep you posted on our plans and maybe you will want to pitch in and help in this worthwhile endeavor? check out her "Real Time and Sports" section on her website @, and let me know what you think.
I meant to say that the T MO will be conj. Girardi's N NO on the 5th and not his sun / venus conj, as i accidentally picked up on andy pettite's Sun / venus conj., which i placed in a triwheel with girardi and the end of game chart.
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Why don't you just buy copies of the birth certificates of the coaches? Getting the data for all the pitches, QB's, etc., would be a chore, but to a large degree, I would think, as the coach goes, so goes the team.

It used to be easy to get bc's, but after 9-11 it might be a bit harder. I suggest you visit a few geneaology sites. They will have information on sources for data from public records.


PS (for Shawn): Did you ever get Janus?


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hey bob,
how goes the sports prognosticating this season? hope you are having fun with it, and learning a lot about astrology in the process. hope you are killing the book too!:happy:
i have not purchased a new astrology program yet, but still use the old dinosaur, which is not great, but works well enough for my purposes at this point.
my overall record for the NFL this season is not as good as i would like it to be @ 75 - 41, but i am getting better lately as i was the only one in my little pool to pick the panthers over the cardinals last week, and i have finished in the money 2 weeks in a row now.
The underdogs i am liking to win this week are the cowboys, texans, and broncos. what does your astrology tell you?


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As a Philadelphia fan. This HURTS. It especially hurts given everything we've gone through:

Kalas's death
Lidge's imploding in the season
Hamels's struggles
J-Roll was ice-cold

And I really thought astrology wise, we had a breakthrough. Given both the numerology of today's game and the Cazimi Mercury, which was the ability to win the game.

I guess the Yankees win off of the sextile of Mars in the second and the 12th house of hospitality.

As our pitching sure gave up quite a bit.

Well, it's finally utterly basketball season. Meaning fans can take a look at our rising PG star: Lou Williams :D


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I'm following the NBA only. Still getting organized in terms of how to handle all the paperwork, etc. Am perfecting the method, or at least learning some new things.

You're at 64%, which isn't bad. Try using converse transits along with the direct. They will make a huge difference.



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Sorry about your phillies, pisces, they are always a fun team to root for, but they seemed to run out of gas at the worst possible time this year. everyone except for chase utley and cliff lee, that is. if it weren't for these 2, the phillies would have been swept. Never been a big yankee fan, but i am a big derek jeter fan and he may have cemented himself among the top 5 or so of all time yankee greats with his performance this year. He is a first ballot hall of famer in waiting.
Bob, i agree with you that, for the most part, as the coaches go, so goes the team, astrologywise. it is not unusual for me to pick against a team whose qb is getting bad aspects, only to have the coach bench him in favor of the backup with the moon / jupiter trine, who rallies his team to win the game.
other times, i will not bet against peyton manning with a moon / jupiter conj., no matter what his coach's chart looks like.
the more i practice these methods, the faster i get at it and the sooner i am able to reach an opinion about which team has the best chance to win, although i still miss a ton of stuff.
I accidentally said i like the texans to win this week, when i meant to say titans will win. peyton manning and his coach are getting killed by hard angles to their natal mars from the transiting saturn / pluto, and last week it manifested itself in the inability of manning to throw a td pass for the first time in many games. Look for a low scoring game that the colts manage to win by one td or less. texans plus 9 or 10 points looks pretty solid to me.

you guys should post your nfl opinions on my thread in the greenhorns lounge.

Bob. i never did figure out how to do converse progressions, but i am interested in it.


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i wondered why last nite's game 6 was so dull, considering all of the uranian influence in yankee mgr. girardi's chart that night. he was saving the real heroics for his ride home when he helped rescue a woman who was badly shaken up in a one car accident. police said he risked his neck to help rescue the stranger just hours after winning the world series.


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If the program doesn't have a box to check enter -1 for the progressions rate. Matrix doesn't have converse transits, so you have to use user progressions with a rate of 1 day= 1 day, and set that to -1 or check the box.

Without converse directions your % will be seriously compromised.