Pet peeves that people perpetuate!


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Venus, Pluto, Jupiter dominant normally.
Also moon singleton and double focus on mars/neptune.


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Rebel Uranian

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There is much more to planetary strength than dignity from my experience. Dignity is important, but general planetary/sign quality relations are important too.


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why :unsure:?? I thought it was a bad thing to have Jupiter there?
So I always count it into seventh :tongue:.

Ah it would be nice to move planets into different houses because you don't like it :love:

Jupiter in the 8th isn't bad. It just means other people supply you with a lot of your monetary needs :lol:

I guess it can be bad, seeing as to how you'll probably end up racking up some debt sooner or later...

WOOOOO 8th house jupitur powerrr


Jupiter can't really be bad in any house it's placed, can it? I mean it's the great benefic...

You'll make a fine traditionalist some day :smile:


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Everyone is specia- Ugh I can't do it...

I don't think anyone's chart is special but my own.


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Also? :alien:

In whole signs, it's 8th. Where do you feel it's effects? Do you have a lot of relationships? Or do you have an easy time with other people's money?

Yeah I know, I'm an alien, or just Dutch :tongue:

Well I feel it's effect in both houses actually..
I'm married with a Jupiter singleton with Saturn in his second house :lol: