People that are both Pluto and Neptune dominant?


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Anyone here both Pluto and Neptune dominant?

Or 12th house and 8th house dominant?

How has your life been like? General themes and feeling?


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I'm mostly Pluto and Uranus dominant, however I've realized recently that I have a strong Neptunian influence through a quintile to my Ascendant from my 3rd house, a sextile to Pluto in my 1st house, a trine to Mercury which is sextile Pluto in my 1st house, and then through the asteroid Amphitrite in an exact conjunction to the Sun in my 10th house.

I'm not sure if this is entirely due to Pluto and Neptune alone, but I would say Pluto has created a theme of death in my life (mostly death of friends) and painful transformations after some form of death. Neptune has helped me experience things in my dreams to process and come to terms with painful experiences - like a visitation from a deceased loved one. I feel like Pluto and Neptune have also protected me from deception and manipulation. Pluto helps me discern lies, but there have been times where I've second-guessed myself due to my logical mind telling me I'm 'just' feeling paranoid (or due to being gaslit), and then Neptune has validated my suspicions in my dreams by showing me the lie I suspected, but couldn't necessarily see in the waking world.
I feel pretty protected by both planets, yet their influence can feel pretty isolating at times due to seeing things others don't see and/or can't see, or can't relate with. I've found that writing music has helped cope with their influence - I'm able to translate what I'm feeling from the planets and then reflect on it by playing it back.
I'd say it's best to let these two planets operate in the background though, otherwise they can have a negative influence on one's life.

Overall, my experience of Pluto and Neptune has been positive and negative. I try to really learn from the negative experiences I've had with the planets so that I can experience more positive ones.
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dr. farr

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Neptune posits libra in my 2nd house; i am now 72 yrs old, and all through my life my earning of money has been through unusual means-primarily homeopathic medicine, but also through teaching unusual subjects such as Tarot, occult philosophy and practices, astrology, energetic healing techniques, and similar subjects; I originally was going to be a conventional lawyer for a living, but the neptunium influence on me and upon my 2nd house early on changed all that; I also have a Leo Pluto in my 12th house, and Uranus is the most elevated planet in my natal chart, posited in cancer up in my 11th house (I began studying astrology & Tarot at age 12 back in 1962; earlier still, from age 4 up through age 11, I was rather a “wiz kid” in astronomy, often tutoring neighbor high school kids in a variety of astronomical subjects; I consider the uranian influence to account for my early childhood interest in astronomy, and a blend of Uranus/Neptune influence to account for my change of interest to astrology & Tarot beginning at age 12)
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Don't forget that the outer planets are 'mass consciousness' planets rather than personal. They are often in aspect to each other in one way or another. Everyone lives on the planet. They also interact with, and can influence each other. No man is an island, as the saying goes.

If an outer planet aspects a personal planet it's said that the function of the outer planet can influence how the personal planet is expressed through the houses concerned.
When such aspects are not evident? Everyone has an independent mind, everyone can visualise, everyone lives and eventually dies. Everyone has the 'para-normal' abilities within the outer planets, even if not outwardly expressed.

Does an outer planet with no aspects to personal planets but conjunct ....or ruler of ... an angle have a special meaning? Would/could an individual even be conscious of it, or are they simply a statistic within a way of life upon the planet? Or, can one person make all the difference? :innocent:

That said, I may be biased. :mercury:9th :square::pluto:11th, :mars:11th=:uranus::conjunct:MC/:chiron::conjunct::lilth::conjunct:Asc. . 😎☺️