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I’ve been interested in astrology for a long time now but I just recently became aware of the fact that my chart is a pentagram inside of a hexagon and I’m wondering what the significance is?


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In a true pentagram you would have planets (not angles or other points) linked by an aspect called a quintile (360/5) of 72 or 144 degrees apart. (Astrology allows for a fudge factor, or leeway from the exact aspect called an orb, but it's pretty narrow for the quintile-- no more than a few degrees on either side of exact.

Is this what you've got?

Quintiles generally involve talent plus the ambition to make something of those talents. Those talents can be inferred from the nature of the involved planets, their signs, and houses.


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this is my chart, I'm hoping that helps! it does look like a pentagram but perhaps it doesn't meet all of the qualifications.


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Unfortunately the astrotheme charts are really difficult to read. Can you try again on the free charts pages at Astrodienst ?

A real pentagram would contain aspects called quintiles (360/5) which your posted chart doesn't show. Astrodienst doesn't display them in the chart, but you can (please) include the chart called an aspectarian which shows the various planetary aspects, including quintiles. Then don't include any aspects to chart angles or asteroids, as it just clutters up the chart too much.


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Yes, thanks.

Your chart makes some interesting patterns, but I wouldn't call it a pentagram.

The main patterns are a T-square involving Mercury, Saturn, and Mars (+ Chiron and your ASC,) and a yod involving Pluto, Uranus-Neptune, and with Venus-Mercury at the tip.

With a T-square, the involved planets are involved in a stressful relationship, as they are joined by two squares and an opposition. The planets in a yod are sextiled, and then joined by a pair of quincunxes to a third planet (or pair of planets.)

With Mercury extra-strong in the sign it rules, ruling your Virgo ascendant, and conjunct your mid-heaven, this would be the planet to develop and emphasize.


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Hi Waybread and Carleystar,

Just using planets and chiron, there are 2 quintiles being between Sun and Chiron and and Jupiter and Chiron.

There are two Bi-Quintiles between Uranus and Mercury, and Sun and Jupiter.

I'm too confused about my own quintiles to interpret, perhaps Waybread will!


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The explanation that makes the most sense to me is that quintiles show talent plus the ambition to manifest it.

The sign shows how you go about doing this. The houses show the domain of life in which your talent and ambition should manifest themselves.

Monk, if you have a lot of quintiles together with septiles, you're probably a genius.