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.. I have been studying astrology since 1996 .. in surges I guess .. & taking note of people I meet & learning new stuff about myself .. I guess I have found that I cannot believe in astrology just like I cannot believe that anything is genuinely real .. it all fades away .. it is all a dream .. or at least tomorrow's thought of me typing this greeting will be just like a dream ..

..... my astrology knowledge is intermediate .. I don't believe in predicting the future .. I think that's <censored> .. all that is is the now .. the future is just another dream ..

.. I work in science .. that's what I was good at .. but what I have found over the years is that the more I think I know, the less I really do know .. I can learn about the body & how it works .. but what is it like to live in the body .. ? ..

.. this is how I see astrology .. I can learn about all of this stuff .. but until I have actually experienced it .. I will never know ..

.. & what I have found in this experience is that there is something there ..

.. I'm glad to be here ..
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Hello Kaminari, welcome to this Forum. Your post reminds me of the book
" A thousand names for Joy" written by Byron Katie (with Stephen Mitchell) my daughter just lend me. I am very familiar with this, having read books by Deepak Chopra, Krishnamurti and others.

I dont know if you are familiar with Horary astrology, but when this is done well, then the results are absolutely amazing. It is a way of knowing what will happen though, but have a look at that forum. Maybe you will start believing a little bit....? What I actually mean is, not believing in astrology as in some sort of religion,(I am following the Budhist philosophy) but that it can actually show certain circumstances, present and future and even past events.

Maybe we should indeed talk about the past dreams we had and the future dreams we will experience:) whilst living in the "now".

Hope you will enjoy this forum! Any questions, please do PM one of us moderators.

Cheers, Starlink


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Dear Kaminar,
I can also say that I have devoted 1/2 of my life to science and studies... And then, you simply understand that there is something more then just scientific facts. Maybe this ``something more`` is also a science - another kind - we have not discovered yet.
Just because it does not have a name (yet) or has many names like Astrology, Spiritualism, Positive enregy or whatever, does not mean that it is not an existing part of our world.

Starlink is right about Horary - I experienced myself many true predictions from members of this Forum - some of them are not just good at it but excelent!

I am still learning

Your fellow student

Best r


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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.. As a man who studied & respected science my entire life, I say that for understanding people & our interactions in the world, Astrology is worth serious consideration.. My introduction in 1996 was fated.. I actually felt a spell was cast on me at my first & only new age convention where I met my first astrologer.. He didn't cast the spell, but I felt it was an old woman who stared at me when i was there.. I got violently sick afterwards & that night, the girlfriend who took me said, I rose up from my sleep & said "White God, please heal me." I was shocked when she told me the next morning.. But 13 years later i understand.. I have since learned how to avoid & combat negative energy by realizing it is already within.. Then it disappears..

And this old girlfriend, a Pisces & once the love of my life, actually walked out of dreams.. Seriously.. I dreamt of her one week before i met her & we met the night of a lunar eclipse.. We said goodbye 6 months later.. & i learned later, the night of a lunar eclipse.. I then began to study & move closer to something I call divine..

I've had two visions.. What I mean about "vision" is a kind of "waking dream".. I was consciously awake but shown a visual dream that I was in but aware of.. If you've had these before you know what I'm talking about.. The first was about astrology in 2003 while driving through the desert at night.. God, my word for the divine universe, showed me how the Universe enters us when we are born.. So we each are carrying within us the Universe from another time.. The second vision I had was about a woman who I met two & a half months ago on another fateful day.. I'd been riding my bike to work for five months, but that morning I knew I must take the bus, where we met.. The vision of her happened a month later, when i had a waking dream of leading her to her heart.. I have recently learned about the Vertex, and mine is conjunct her Mercury (0 degrees) & Sun (1 degree).. She has gotten me back into astrology..

As a man of science, everything I've just written seems crazy.. But it is my truth.. And that's why I respect astrology..

I hope to learn from you all.. And may we all be our own source of inspiration.. With a little guidance now & then.. ;-)
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