Patterns In Lunar Return Chart


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Last week, I discovered lunar return charts. It was a laborious process, but I've interpreted my first lunar return chart. As in, what the different house positions and aspects mean, in relation to my natal chart. My key themes are that this is a good lunar cycle for me to tap into my creativity & focus on developing occupational projects that I've got in the pipeline, and to focus on building my inner self.

Since I'm still learning astrology, what I'm having trouble with are the chart shaping patterns. I think that's a T-square between my 10th Lunar House Uranus (at the apex), 1st Lunar House Sun, and 7th Lunar House Pluto. I interpret that as my freedom (Uranus) strains my power (Sun) and ability to change (Pluto), particularly in relation to my career (10th Lunar House at the apex of the T-square). Is that correct?

It looks like I've got six or so other T-squares going on in this chart (e.g., a T-square between Venus, Moon & Chiron and between Neptune, True Node, and Venus), but I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track first. Below is my Lunar Return chart. Thanks for any help guiding me to better interpreting my lunar chart!